November 26, 2012

10 Must Have Holiday Gifts For Tween Girls



I’m not always a fan of these “gift guides” because they are often filled with products that people get “free” and I don’t feel I really get a true sense of what’s what. Also, many of these guides are generalization or geared toward boys. I’m the mom of one tween daughter. Girl stuff holds my house together. If it’s pink and sparkly we probably own it. But she also loves math and science and reading. She makes her own movies and knows her way around lots of tech.

BabyGirl and many of her tween girl friends have shared with me the things they hope to get this holiday season. I was surprised at the range of products they’ve researched on their own so they can prioritize their lists. It’s an eclectic list but really has something for all tween girls with a variety of interests.

10 Must Have Holiday Gifts For Tween Girls

1. Sony Bloggie Touch Camcorder – for under $100 this is an easy to use and fun way for girls to make movies. It’s easy to use and very intuitive for kids. My daughter makes movies with her bears, ponies and LPS and having an easy to use and dedicated camera means she can work on her own (or with her friends) and I don’t have to worry about where my video recorder is at.



Pattern Duct Tape

2. Duct Tape – yes, you read that right. Duct tape. But not your grandpa’s duct tape. We’re talking about all the fun patterns and cool colors. Duct take isn’t for fixing things as much as it is for crafting and making cool things like this beach bag. I’m not sure what’s the big deal but colorful and patterned duct tape is all the rage and the fun things kids are making are creative and will definitely keep them busy during their off time.



Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

3. Make Your Own Chocolate Kit – not all girls are as much into science as BabyGirl, but this kit is so much fun. It’s pretty easy to use, but may require adult supervision using the stove. For under $15 the kit comes with information on fair trade products as well as including organic cocoa powder. All the ingredients needed to make about 8oz of chocolate are included. Science plus chocolate? What’s not to love!



Etymotic Etykids

4. Ety-Kids Headphones – designed specifically for children, these headphones are not only the right size for their ears but also incorporate technology that limits the decibels so their hearing is not compromised. BabyGirl has 2 pairs of the Ety-Kids Headphones and she loves them. They incorporate technology that blocks background noise so using them at school when they’re doing computer work allows her to more fully concentrate on her work. BabyGirl received her first pair of Ety-Kids about a year ago and doesn’t use any other headphones.



5. Nail Polish Sheets – at about $10, these are awesome! They are fun, long-lasting and not very messy. BabyGirl and her friends love these! I like that they’re not messy or smelly. It’s real nail polish and lasts about 10 days, which is about 10 days longer than regular nail polish that gets messed up in about a minute thirty eight after it’s put on. It comes off easily with nail polish remover. As much as she and her friends love science and technology and playing outside, they also like trying out nail polish and being girly.


Bath and Body Works Shower Gel

6. Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel – in our pre-kid life, we lived in Columbus, OH when CycleGuy worked at Bath & Body Works Corporate. All these years later our love for BBW products continues. BabyGirl has been a frequent shopper at Bath & Body Works for many years and she has seasonal favorites, although Warm Vanilla Sugar is her all time fave. During the holidays the stores have great sales and getting the shower gel and lotion makes bath time less of a challenge. And, because she has hers I don’t have to worry about her using mine up. It’s a win-win!




7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – When I first heard of the series I wasn’t all that keen on it because of the word “wimpy”. But after reading the first one, I realized just how fun and funny they are for kids. Greg Heffley is a sweet kid who has experiences that your girls can definitely relate to. If your child reads these then you know how much of a “must have” these are.



8. Kindle Fire HD – sure it’s about $200 but  they’re so worth it! BabyGirl has had one since they first came out and loves the portability. I search with Swagbucks so I can earn Amazon cards for her to buy books. And we have Amazon Prime so when we travel we have access to an entire library of free movies and TV shows to break up the monotony. Also, it allows her to text me. She also uses it for schoolwork and it makes doing research so much easier for her. I like that it’s more than just an eReader and it gives me more flexibility in how it’s used. If the tween girl in your life loves to read as much as BabyGirl this will be their new BFF.

9. The Daring Book for Girls – I bought this book when it first came out in 2007, partly because it was at Costco and I’m a sucker for their book deals. But, truly, this is a wonderful book. It teaches girls about self confidence and how to do things all girls should know. It’s not a girly book by any means. It’s one of those books that even I, as a grown woman, look at and wish I’d had as a young girl. Even now I’ll flip it open and learn something new. At less than $20, any young girl on your list will get years of use from this book.

10. iTunes Gift Cards – I know, I know! Gift cards are kind of lame. But, honestly, with all the apps these girls want it’s better to get them their own iTunes gift card and not have to deal with having to shell out money and losing track only to realize you’ve spent $63 on apps in the past few months. Not that I have any experience with that. *insert shifty eyes* These can be purchased at grocery stores, drug stores or online and delivered electronically. Another win-win!

So there you have it! The 10 Must Have Holiday Gifts for Tween Girls. I’m sure there are others, so please share them. These little ladies aren’t easy to shop for any more. Gone are the days of princess this or pony that and you knew you’d be good to go. These young ladies are smart, tech-savvy and in-the-know. And from what I’ve been told by friends with older girls, we only have a few years until they won’t talk to us and think that anything we do is lame and any gift is even more lame. We have few precious years to convince them of our ability to be great gift-givers.

What’s on your tween girl’s gift list this year?

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