November 22, 2012

100 Things I’m Thankful For




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Every day, I am thankful that you come to visit my blog. I love writing for you and hope that you’re inspired to find ways to do things for yourself that you keep putting off. It’s not easy to put yourself first, or second or third even.

On this Thanksgiving day, I am especially grateful. As the year begins to wind up, it’s often a day of reflection and taking stock of all that we’ve gotten through this year. I am thankful fo so many things, as I’m sure you are too. So I urge you to take a few moments for yourself and write down at least 10 things you’re thankful for today.

100 Things I’m Thankful For

1. my wonderful husband who encourages all my crazy ideas

2. dy daughter who has shown me what resilience looks like

3. my 92-year old grandmother who now lives less than 30-minutes away and is happier and healthier just by being closer

4. my dearest friends who have stood with me as I’ve fought to shed the guilt and shame

5. the wonderful teachers who have helped me give BabyGirl a love of learning

6. the quiet house that is truly a home

7. the rolls and rolls of tape my daughter uses, because it means she’s being creative

8. my blogging friends who have laughed with me, listend to me vent, supported me and encouraged me

9. being healthy

10. Not having to worry where my next meal will come from

11. Having traveled to Italy with my daughter this year

12. Facebook, because I have been able to connect on an entirely new level with people I only spoke to infrequently

13. Twitter, for introducing me to new friends all over the globe

14. Being part of the BA75 on Twitter and joining a sisterhood of amazing women

15. my BlissMitzvah and BlogMitzvah groups which connect me with phenomenal Jewish women

16. the compliments I receive from a job well done

17. my best friend, and Auntie to BabyGirl, for her 25 years of friendship

18. my MacBook Pro that makes being online and working much easier

19. the volunteer opportunities I have to show kids that math and science can be fun

20. being able to forgive

21. PicMonkey photo editor for making it so easy to make beautiful photos to use and share

22. having been taught to cook and bake so I can share food with my friends and family

23. friends who understand that homeschooling is a great choice, and so is public school

24. friends who don’t mind my dry wit and heavy doses of snark and sarcasm

25. my daughter having a BFF

26. my daughter’s BFF being a child of a famous blogger

27. my husband having a job he enjoys

28. the bicycles and gear in my garage that could fill a bike shop, because it means my husband is doing something he loves

29. the clients who put their trust in my ability to resolve their legal issues and help them be more successful

30. being able to share my passion for making legal concepts understandable

31. local blogging friends

32. Disney World and Disneyland

33. being able to travel

34. being willing to try acupuncture, and loving it!

35. my local library

36. Rhonda, my sister by choice, whom I’ve known for almost 40 years, but have only seen in person about 5 times

37. the friends that are my family by choice

38. being able to learn how to live without fear

39. Deepak Chopra making meditation understandable and accessible

40. having the opportunity to vote even if not everyone is happy with who wins

41. being in control of the choices that affect my body

42. my hearing

43. a child who loves music

44. friends and family who are willing to laugh with you even if you don’t feel like laughing

45. my friend Barb, whom I love like a sister

46. good neighbors

47. having been able to have Lasik years ago so I don’t have to wear glasses

48. the many opportunities to learn something new every day

49. each of you who visits my blog and reads, comments, emails, tweets or shows support on Facebook

50. people who gladly share all their crafts and baking and tips and parenting hacks

51. my friend Sally no longer suffering and in pain, even though I miss her a lot

52. having met someone that has stood atop Mt. Everest

53. the smiles when I do random acts of kindness

54. singing in the car like I’m auditioning for American Idol

55. the beautiful flowers that brighten my home periodically

56. my friend Shifra

57. my daughter loving math and science and engineering and technology and writing and reading and creating

58. cupcakes

59. my friends and family who will eat my cooking and baking creations

60. having the freedom to be Jewish

61. the internet and being able to find the answer to most any question

62. the opportunities blogging has brought both personally and professionally

63. having chatting with George Lucas on Twitter

64. all the great sales that allow me to save money so I can do things I would normally put off

65. standing in line while BabyGirl goes on yet another roller coaster

66. Hidden Mickey’s

67. having a DVR so I can watch the few shows I really enjoy

68. Skype because it connects me with friends regardless of where we are

69. having met Marianne Williamson this year and understanding how forgiveness will set me free

70. being safe

71. my Temper-pedic bed

72. being able to drive

73. being the parent of a sexual assault SURVIVOR

74. people and organizations that believe protecting our children from predators is important

75. the laughter I hear from the other room as BabyGirl plays

76. my daughter having an imagination that allows her to believe in magic, fairies, and pixie dust-filled awesome

77. my double ovens and two refrigerators

78. CycleGuy’s love

79. that my husband is truly my best friend

80. my giant soaking tub, even if I don’t use it enough

81. having seen the Mars Rover, Curiosity, before it was launched

82. going to the Rose Parade with someone I still call a dear friend

83. celebrating my Year of Awesome

84. Fruity Pebbles because they remind me of my childhood

85. my daughter willing to try new foods and experiences

86. being able to try new restaurants with my husband, family and friends

87. getting dressed up and going to formal events with CycleGuy, even though they are part of his job

88. sharing my 90 minute cinnamon rolls with friends and family as I perfect the recipe

89. how peaceful the house feels when everyone has gone to sleep

90. having been a speaker at blogging conferences and giving women the tools to be succesful

91. cute and comfy shoes

92. having been taught that being a good person is important

93. people believing that Israel deserves to exist and that peace shouldn’t be a pipe dream

94. brave women who share their stories of survival so other women won’t feel alone

95. sunshine

96. being able to walk away and not letting people hurt me any more, even though walking away hurts too

97. snuggling with and singing to my daughter every night before she goes to bed

98. the amazing things people all over the globe are doing to make our world better

99. everyone who encourages others to be their best

100. being alive, because despite all the challenges faced each day there are amazing and wonderful things too and I’d hate to miss them.

Thank you for reading my list. I encourage you to write down your own list. We all really do have a lot to be thankful for, not just today but everyday.

What are you thankful for today?




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ZoniDuck November 22, 2012 at 11:07 am

I think 17 is my favorite, but 88 is right up there. #selfish #taggingoutsideoftwitter

I’m thankful for you! And BabyGirl! And CycleGuy! And the cinnamon rolls. <3


Diane Brogan November 22, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Thank you for sharing your beautiful list of thankfulness. You are a beautiful individual. ((Hugs))


rhonda November 22, 2012 at 1:37 pm

I love and miss you tons. At some point we’ll find a way to physically see each other at least once a year. HUGS!!!


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