November 24, 2011

10 Things I Am Thankful For


On this Thanksgiving, I wish you and your family a day of joy and gratitude. While we have all faced challenges in some way, each of us came to this day with infinite possibilities for being grateful. But rather than be overwhelmed by all the wonderful things and people and experiences we can be grateful for, think of just a few to remind yourself how truly fortunate you are to be where you are today. And while today’s Thanksgiving celebration is for Americans, gratitude sees no geographic boundaries. Each of us can find at least one thing for which we are grateful today. I share with you a list of things I am grateful for, and I hope it helps you to see how rich our lives are despite the challenges we manage daily.

10 Things I Am Thankful For

1. CycleGuy – for over 20 years he’s been my best friend and confidant, and he loves me despite my shortcomings

2. BabyGirl – she is an amazing daughter who can make me laugh in so many ways

3. My girlfriends – whether online or in real life, the relationships I have with so many wonderful, talented, passionate, driven and genuinely kind women enrich my life daily

4. My grandma – at 91 she is in her sunset years, but despite the challenges she faces she’s always a sweet voice willing to talk, listen or share

5. The Internet – because without it I wouldn’t have the ability to connect, share and engage with so many people, nor would I be able to laugh or cry or sigh at the many different articles, songs or stories that are shared each day. It connects me to a world so much bigger than I could ever imagine.

6. Lauren Crider – she is a talented executive recruiter who worked tirelessly for 6+ months to bring CycleGuy home to a position that is a terrific match for his many gifts

7. Good Health – despite needing to lose a few pounds, wear ‘reading glasses’, and overlook the graying hair I am thankful that I am in good health and I am able to continue to find ways to improve my health and take care of myself

8. The Sun – even though in the summer it’s blaring hot, I love seeing the sun and it’s bright, shiny happy glow that warms me even on cold days.

9. My education – since it’s something no one can ever take away from me. I believe that education is an ongoing experience and as long as I am learning, I’m living!

10. Life – May seem hokey, but I’m thankful that I am alive so I can enjoy the many gifts I am given each day. Even though there are times I’m given crappy gifts, I have always had the wherewithal to know what to do. I’m also fortunate to have friends and family who love and support me even though I don’t always feel worthy. And with each day I have a new opportunity to try again to find every joy hidden in the day.

So, as hokey and dorky as these are they are really just a sampling of all the things I am grateful for each day. I wish you and your family a safe and wonderful holiday and I thank you for reading my blog, commenting, and supporting me as I not only find all my somedays but encourage you to find yours too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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