January 27, 2014

6 Favorite Products from CES 2014


Favorite CES Products

CES 2014 wrapped up and it’s taken me awhile to sort out what I wanted to share. With over 3,000 exhibitors this is one trade show that’s not for the faint of heart. Add to it the nearly 200,000 people that descend upon Las Vegas and it can be a lot to take in. I went to the show specifically looking for tech that would make help me in my busy life and products tween girls would want to use. The first category was teeming with invitations to learn more while it was very clear that not much is being done to make products geared toward the tween and teen girl.

6 Favorite Products I Found at CES

Zagg Tempered Glass Screen Cover1. ZAGG Glass Screen Protector – I’ve been using ZAGG products since they came out in 2005. It’s the only kind of screen or full-body device protector I’ve used, I like them that much! When I was at the booth and grabbed my iPhone to snap a few pictures the rep noticed my glitter encrusted no-so protective screen protector. In a haste to put my phone away a few weeks ago the edge of the screen protector got caught on the pocket in my purse. It happens to the best of us! But because I was testing out the LG G2 I wasn’t in a hurry to replace the InvisibleShield I have, despite it now having glitter and lint stuck to it. They offered to put one of the new Glass Screen Protectors on my iPhone. WOW! Besides no longer being embarrassed when I pulled out my device, this new screen protector is slick, easy to use, beautiful, and seamlessly affixed to my phone. Every time I pulled out my phone someone complimented me about my screen being so clear. It’s made of tempered glass and fits the phone so nicely with the tapered edges. Probably the best thing I like is that it’s smooth and slick so when my fingers get tacky they don’t skid on the screen protector.

Rayovac Portable Power2. Rayovac Portable Power – I’m going to do a full post on this one because I was really impressed by what they offered. I know there are many choices when it comes to portable power (and I’ve got another one that will go on this list!), but the people at Rayovac have done something that’s a bit different. Known for their batteries, they’ve created portable power devices that allow you to have power even when there is no power. The downside of many portable power devices is you have to have a cord. What if you don’t have that because even though it’s always in the car, purse, or backpack it’s not there when you need it. Probably my favorite device in this line is the 2-hour charger that’s powered by a lithium battery and plugs directly in to the device.

iRic Mic Cast CES3. iRig MIC Cast – Compact but powerful, this little microphone works on iOS and Android devices. While it’s great for podcasting or interviewing on the go, my love for it has to do with being a parent. Whether it’s a dance recital, violin performance, school program, or even just recording something at home for the grandparents, having an external microphone would really take what tend to be mediocre videos up to something others really would want to watch. As a professional, having a portable external mic makes creating videos on the go much easier and gives them a greater chance to be used instead of lamenting what a waste of time it was to do the video.

Fitness Technologies G54. Fitness Technologies UWaterG5 MP3/FM Player – 3 words for this – Uh. Maze. Ing! I know, it’s really only one word, but this tiny MP3 player with FM receiver is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a really long time when it comes to fitness technology. While I’m not a fitness pro, I buy my share of MP3 players and waterproof earphones for CycleGuy. Road cycling is tough on electronics and while he has a bike mount he uses a separate MP3 player. I walk and I hate holding my phone, always worried I’m going to drop it. And I have friends who swim for exercise but say they get bored because there’s nothing to listen to. This 1.75″ x 1.25″ x 0.4″ device is a definite MUST HAVE for adults and kids alike.

Panasonic Nanoe Flat Iron5. Panasonic Nanoe Flat Iron – Pronounced nano-E, this new flat iron from Panasonic really impressed me. In a demo, I had a professional stylist curl my hair. With a flat iron! Seriously! And I never once smelled like my hair was on fire. Maybe not the review most people would give, but I’m not a flat iron person and the sole reason is I’ve seen too many YouTube videos of people burning their hair off. What was even better, besides all the compliments I received on my hair, was how soft it felt. With a companion hair dryer, I’m sure this would be a great combo for busy professionals, moms, tweens, teens, and even dads and men who want to look good.

Secur Solar Products6. Secur Products Solar Solutions – While I’m all about portable power, the fact is that with any natural disaster or even severe weather condition gaining access to electricity can be a challenge. Add to it that we are more mobile than ever before and being without power for our mobile devices exacerbates our stress and anxiety. I was so impressed with all the solar solutions from Secur I’ll likely need to dedicate an entire post just to them. Portable power is nice, but when you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or even just wanting a little extra peace of mind in your emergency preparedness kit a solar solution is a great item to have. Whether it’s a lantern or a hand-crank device that gives you light, power, radio, or even fire these are definitely products we’ll be seeing more of.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. And when technology combines to give us more time, a better experience, or the opportunity for better balance in our lives that’s definitely good. While I’ll have more products to share, these 6 are the ones that really caught my eye as being something that we could all use.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these would help you or someone you know? 



Estelle S. Erasmus January 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm

These are great. I definitely want to get the microphone. Did you see Amy products besides it that are good for video blogging?

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Ishola February 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm

Can you keep me informed about this CES program. I hope to participate in the next edition.

Tom February 19, 2014 at 4:41 am

I really like the look of the iRig Mic Cast – that’s a great accessory.
The microphones on smartphones always lack quality for recording, this is a great way to fix that issue…i’ll have to keep my eye open for one.

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