June 7, 2011

A Day Off


Hard at work image

I’ve been gone for almost a week and now that summer is in full swing I am going to take today off and organize my calendar and figure out how to fit all of summer into the 24-hours I have each day. Yesterday when I was feeding my inner science nerd Jet Propulsion Lab I learned that the team who drive the Mars Rovers had to make major adaptations to their scheduled to take into account that a day on Mars is 24hr 40 minutes on Earth. In addition, they had to factor in that they could only work with the rovers when it was light on Mars. Which was not always the same as it was on Earth.

And while I think I’d use my extra 40 minutes a day to sleep, truth is I’d probably be working or cooking or cleaning or filing or…. You get the idea.

I will be back later tonight and tomorrow with the weekly coupon matchups.

Thank you for understanding.


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