A Trip To Italy: From Wishing To Doing

Venice Italy

To be honest, I’ve never been an Italy girl. France has always been my place. Don’t get me wrong, Italy is beautiful and full of historic place. And the food, a carb-loading bonanza! Oh, and gelato, can’t forget the gelato. But growing up, Italy wasn’t a place on my ‘Someday List’. I figured I’d go one day but there wasn’t a yearning. But, after all, Italy was on the list. I’d go someday.

When I was presented the opportunity to travel to Italy for 10-days, I thought it would be fun but I didn’t immediately jump at the chance. CycleGuy was actually the one who said “You’re going, right?” before I even thought of going. For him it was a no-brainer – take BabyGirl to Italy to see history up close and personal, eat great food and create a love for travel that can only be formed on a trip like this. Me, well, I knew he wouldn’t be able to go so I didn’t think of going without him.

For CycleGuy, not going wasn’t really an option. How do you pass up a 10-day trip to Italy with your child? A trip focused on education and experience that can never be replicated in any curriculum. So with two feet, I jumped in.

On the itinerary is Rome, Florence and Venice with a stop in Pisa and Pompeii. More history in 10 short days than I could ever manufacture. BabyGirl and I will begin the adventure with a flight to New York and an overnight flight to Rome. There will be ruins, religion and really good food!

While going to the Vatican is a ‘must do’, the Jewish history runs very deep in Italy and I want to make sure to see it first hand. I want BabyGirl to experience Judaism first hand, to know she is connected to the world in a very special way. And, of course, experience Jewish food from an Italian point of view.

This will be my first big trip with BabyGirl. We’ve gone other places without CycleGuy, but nothing quite like this. From the moment he drops us off at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport it’ll be just us for 10-days. A bonding experience like no other. I hope this will be a trip she’ll remember her entire lifetime, but I don’t want to orchestrate or manufacture her memories.

As I finalize all the packing and organizing – I’m committing to travel with carry-on only – I look forward to sharing this experience with you. I know many of you have traveled extensively with your kids. So whether you’re an experienced international traveler or enjoy armchair traveling, I’m excited to show you Italy!

Have you ever been to Italy? What are your best tips? If you haven’t been to Italy, have you traveled other places? Any tips for traveling with a tween (who’s going on 22?)

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