December 26, 2010

After Christmas Shopping Bonanza


christmas sale
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As someone always looking for great deals and awesome savings, all the after-Christmas sales are right up my alley. There are so many choices and I can get household items, gifts for others, stock up on toiletries and pantry items in addition to picking up a few things I might need for the upcoming cooler weather.

The great deals on clothing, jewelry and home-decor is a given. Now’s the time to think ahead to girlfriend gifts you’ll need throughout the year. Or maybe something for mom or mother in law? Jewelry sales are perfect to hit up. Or maybe something special for friends or family who would appreciate a special new Christmas item for their home. And let’s not forget all those toys you’ll need for the kid’s birthday parties! All at super low prices!

I also love all the ‘winter themed’ baggies and plasticware that will be on super sale. My leftovers don’t care if there are snowmen or snowflakes! And, neither do I when it means I get to save 75% on them. Also, time to get thinking about all that organizing you’ll be wanting to do come the first of the year. Sure, they may be red and green but they’ll store your junk just perfectly, right?

Don’t forget about evaluating your electronic needs. Do you need a new hard drive to store all those holiday memories? How about a bigger memory card for that digital camera? USB thumb/jump drive? All these things will be on sale.

Do you have a favorite fragrance? Many fine fragrances or even everyday bath/shower products from your favorite store in the mall were packaged in giftsets for holiday giving. That means big savings for you!

Oooh, don’t forget about the savings you can get on your new outfit for New Year’s Eve! Rrrrar!

So grab your pen and paper and put together a list of things you’ll need that you can comfortably get now. If your budget allows, buying these things now at big savings will benefit you long-term and make 2011 a year to start saving for (your) Someday!


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