March 4, 2011

American Idol and Pursuing Your Dreams



I’m not a singer, although I’m excited to finally be doing something karaoke related. I’ll tell you about that another day. I’ve jokingly mentioned on The Twitters that if American Idol auditions were held in my car I’d totally win because my singing is The Awesome. But only in my car. When I am alone. Somehow, it seems that when others are around I’m unable to carry a tune very well. It might be some planetary alignment thing with other people’s auras or something.

But let me just say, I’m not an American Idol watcher. My friend K sucked me into watching (or, in her words, convinced me to watch with her) the season that Fantasia won. We watched from the very first audition show to the finals. I even voted once or twice. I won’t say I was invested in the show but I watched and knew their names.

It was the only season I’ve ever watched. Part of the reason is that I hate how the show turns what should be a 1 hour show into 43 hours long. The drama, the angst, the tension, the editing for ratings. I couldn’t take it another season. But I did read updates so I could talk to K about it sometimes.

The thing is though, for some of these kids this is their someday. Their someday I’m gonna make it big. Their someday I’m going to be on TV. Their someday I’m going to become a star.

And they’ve been working on it, some for a very long time. Honing their craft is what it’s called in the industry. Working their tush off is what I’d call it.

I’ve been watching a bit of American Idol this year, thanks to K. I won’t be sucked in. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself). But I’m intrigued about what drives these contestants. Other than the promise of a recording deal if they win.

They all want this so bad. Singing is important to them. They’re doing all they can to make this dream come true. And I admire them for that. I admire them for getting up in front of a national audience of millions of people because they have a dream to make it as a singer. Knowing full well that they could be rejected. That the odds of them being rejected are very high. Very very high.

But they soldier on. They inspire others to go out and try. They are role modes to young kids who want to try and be a star. These young people are not waiting around. They’re grabbing the bull by the horns, reaching for the brass ring.

I know there are a lot of reality shows that allow people to put themselves out there. For whatever reason. I hope that the kids on Idol know that they inspire others to take risks, take chances and never give up on their dreams.

Are you being sucked into (I mean, excitedly) watching American Idol? Maybe some other reality show? But here’s the big question, would you want to be on one?


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