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When I got my first flip phone, it was a bright pink Motorola Razr. Because it was a flip phone, every time I opened it the home screen illuminated and a “welcome note” popped up. When I set up my phone, I typed in You Are Beautiful as my welcome note. It was partly a joke. You know, the result of one of those random conversations you have with a friend about how if technology is so great it would tell me I’m beautiful or smart or something to make me feel good. Wellness apps

Fast forward a decade later and now we have these so-called smart phones. Well, if they’re so smart, they should make us laugh, compliment us, and generally make us feel great. And, well, actually they do! We carry with us in these little tech devices the ability to enhance our lives on so many different levels.

It wasn’t until Verizon send me the Droid Ultra that I realized my phone could “talk” to me. Besides the “Drrrrroooooiiiiiiiddddd” sound it makes when it starts, which just makes me smile because, well, just say it yourself and see how it makes you smile and feel good, it finally hit me that I can get my phone to remind me of how amazing life is. Sure, there’s Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. But those apps! If you’ve ever been sucked in to the app store, then you know what I mean.

So, it finally hit me. I CAN get my phone to be my personal genie and mobile mantra manager. Many companies tell us how our phones and mobile devices can help us with our fitness goals. But what about the idea of helping us with our emotional health? If you’re like me, your phone is almost always on and that “welcome note” doesn’t exist any more. But I still want that little reminder. That split second opportunity to keep me on track or snap me out of those moments when my mind wanders to places that can easily drag me down a rabbit hole of negativity.

These 7 wellness apps now populate my device and are my personal happiness genie!

Hay House Radio – You can either watch another cat video or listen to something inspirational. No, you don’t need inspiration 24/7, but if you’re passing time why not use it to be reminded how awesome you and your life are.

Positive Affirmations – Pre-loaded with affirmations to keep you on a positive path, Positive Affirmations allows you to read pre-loaded affirmations or add those that help motivate you.

Positive Thinking – Another app with quotes that will help you focus on thoughts that build you up.

Mind Games – Instead of playing mindless games, why not play games that build  your brain? Nothing like affirming to yourself that you’re super smart to boost your self-esteem!

Mindfulness Bell – Have you ever been rushing through your day and not until it’s 4pm do you realize you didn’t eat lunch. Then, you think back and can’t recall most of your day? This app allows you to program times to bring you back to the present. Even if it’s just for a moment to actively feel powerful, beautiful, smart, funny, loved, or any host of feelings it’s an opportunity to take care of YOU!

Headspace – Guided meditation is one of the keys to help quiet the mind. Many people can’t quiet their mind, especially when they’ve got a long list of things to do every day. With just a few minutes a day, this app can help you in many ways to learn how to relax.

Lift – Goal setting at its easiest! With over 100,000 possible goals your mobile life coach is there to help you stay on track.

We carry these devices with us everywhere. Why not use them for what they were intended – to make our life better!

Disclosure: I have a business relationship with Verizon Wireless and they provided me with a device so I can help you be more awesome and thus I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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  1. Um Hello? You are a GENIUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these app ideas. In all seriousness going through a crisis with an aging parent and some of these apps could really help. Thank you , thank you! XO

    1. Blogomomma, I’m so happy to know these apps may be helpful to you. I’m sorry to hear you are having a challenging time with an aging parent, but I hope with these apps you’ll be able to find time to care for yourself. I wish you peace! XO, Sara

  2. Hallo, ich freue mich sie kennen zu lernen und schaue ich gern was sie zum bieten haben, ich habe verstanden was kreatives in Apps!

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