April 1, 2010

April Fools’ Day … oh to be gullible


I’ve always enjoyed the good-natured fun of April Fools’ Day. Hearing about the big hoaxes my friends were able to pull off. Or those not so funny things they tried to do but couldn’t. Luckily, I was never one of their targets.

But now that we have the internet with so many websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, and even text messages the possibilities seem endless. Companies and people are becoming more sophisticated. You really have to think out how to make it believable. No longer will a few strategically placed tidbits work to create the world-wide April Fools’ Day buzz needed to make your fun everlasting.

I love that humor can be found in something so mundane as a cup of coffee. And I truly laugh out loud when I find evidence that people think it’s real. Imagine, there is really a hashtag (#) for plenta on Twitter.

I’ve never been one to pull a prank or hoax on anyone. I like to read about funny things and how far people will go to make their April Fools’ joke funny. Some of my favorite all-time corporate hoaxes are:

1. Taco Liberty Bell – press release that Taco Bell had purchased the Liberty Bell.

2. Flying Penguins – this was pulled off by the BBC

3. Flights to Mars – This was done by Expedia in 2009 when they touted $99 flights to Mars.

4. Zip Code Portability – NPR announced that the Postal Service would allow you to keep your zip code.

5. MITkey Mouse – MIT had been sold to Disney and business school would be renamed Scrooge McDuck School of Management

Have you ever pulled an April Fools’ Day hoax? Did you ever fall for one? I’d love to know!


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