March 9, 2011

Are You Willing To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?


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Seems like I’m always trying something new – makeup, food, restaurant, software. My coupon-lovin’ self enjoys a great deal and that often entails lots of new things. And, really, who doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge and be an early adopter?

I’ve mentioned that I’m learning photography this year and participating in the 365 Project to help myself become familiar with my camera and work on my skills. I’m not a photographer by any means. But I have always admired other people’s photos and secretly wished I could take pictures that people would admire. It’s a process and I’m working on it. Trying something new!

I’m not big on the word can’t. I was always encouraged to try things. And it’s important to me to teach that same open-mindedness to BabyGirl. Although, I do have to say that there are limits to my open-mindedness when it comes to certain types of foods (brains? uh, no!) and dangerous activities (street luge? Don’t think so!). I think that being open to new foods is important because I have friends from many different cultures and I want them to feel embraced and be proud of who they are. Not hide it because I think their food is weird.

But as much as I say that I like to try new things, I’m very much a creature of habit. Like you, I too get lulled into the routine of everyday. Going to the same restaurants, ordering the same thing, buying those favorite shoes in every color, relying on the same people. Yet I secretly wish I was like my friend L who always seems to find a new restaurant. Or B who had no idea that downward facing dog did not involve live, cute puppies but headed to yoga and grew to love it.

And while it seems cool to be like the star of a sitcom in your own life and walk into a restaurant and have the server bring you food without having to order, there’s something to be said about swishing it up a bit like Sue Sylvester says on Glee. Being boring is, well, boring. Predictability lacks conversation.

Sometimes I believe that if I don’t “swish it up a bit” I might become like Howard Hughes. And as much as I like a nice box of tissues, wearing the boxes as shoes is a fashion statement I’m not interested in making. I’m probably right in thinking you’d agree with me.

I’m not bold and brave and here to tell you I’ve tried things so new and different my life has been changed. Instead, it’s the times I’ve decided that my little neat box needed to be huffed and puffed down and I’ve forced myself to try something new that I’ve surprised myself. I’ve built my confidence up because the something new turned out to be awesome. Like the time when I was in my early 20s and I decided I’d go for a brighter lipstick. That’s not changing the world. But for me, it was a huge confidence builder.

Every once in awhile though we need to step out of our comfort zone, swish it up, grab the bull by the horns, latch ourselves in to that crazy roller coaster and say Let’s Do It! And if you’re wondering what that Let’s Do It moment might be, here’s a suggestion for a dessert you may never have thought of trying – Strawberries and Cream and Sugar! You’re welcome!




Kate @ Songs Kate Sang March 9, 2011 at 9:04 am

Sara, I’m so proud of you for breaking out of your comfort zone. It is kinda fun, isn’t it?! You are doing such a great job with your photography. I LOVE the images you are capturing. It is so neat to have a log of all of our everyday things! Keep up the amazing work!

Valerie D March 9, 2011 at 9:54 am

I know what you mean. It’s so easy to get into a routine, isn’t it? Life gets boring so quickly. Thanks for the reminder to spice it up…I think I’ll look into “swishing it up”… What is that street luge you speak of?

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