February 12, 2011

AT&T Thanks iPhone Customers with 1,000 Free Rollover Minutes


ATT Free Rollover Minutes PromotionMy real phone!

Several reputable sites, including the source for all things Apple, 9 to 5 Mac, have reported and confirmed that AT&T Wireless is indeed offering select iPhone customers 1,000 free rollover minutes. Depending on certain (undisclosed) criteria, most AT&T iPhone customers will be given 1,000 bonus minutes. How?

(1) Text the word Yes (capitalization is not important) to 11113020 from your iPhone. You will receive a reply within a few minutes.

(2) If you don’t want to text, call 611 from your phone. Press [5] for a representative.

(3) If you don’t want to text or call from your phone, you can call from a landline 1-800-331-0500 and speak to a representative. For TTY services for the hearing impaired, please call 1-866-241-6567 (TTY)

And there you go! More talk time.


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