July 1, 2011

Back To School …. Already?



Here in Phoenix, Back To School talk has already started. We’re half way through the summer break for most schools. As a homeschooler, summer break and back to school don’t have that same caché in my family. BabyGirl is on a year ’round program. But that may change. CycleGuy and I are looking at enrolling BabyGirl in school this coming August.

I know many of you just went through the end-of-year ritual and here I am talking about back to school. I promise, though, that you’ll appreciate why. It’s been a really long time since I’ve talked about the online community called The Blog Frog. If you read any number of blogs you’ve probably seen their community on a few blogs. It’s a terrific place to find people who share your interest in a specific blog, crafting, savvy and frugal living, photography and so much more.

And being that this is Year of Awesome 2.0, I’ve been asked to join the Horizon Healthy Families Back To School Community as a Community Leader! YAY!! I am joined by 10 women who will take on all the different aspects of back to school such as healthy eating, savings, organizing, and school supplies. Oh how I love all the fun school supplies!

I’d love for you to come join me in the Horizon Healthy Families Back To School Community, too! We’ll be giving away all kinds of prizes throughout the month of July, including Horizon awesomeness, gift cards and a $500 Back To School shopping spree. Imagine all the cool new pens and notebooks I could get. Uh, I mean, YOU could get!

Meet the other moms joining me as a Community Leader:

First, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the rest of the community leaders:

Being that I’ve never done the big ‘Back To School’ thing with BabyGirl, I’m excited to learn from others who have. And I’m looking forward to sharing my insight and expertise about organization, shopping deals, healthy eating and much more.

I’ll have the badge on my blog so you can just click on that to go to the community. I sure hope you’ll share your expertise, ask questions and share your insight. If you’d like, follow Horizon on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be having fun events, so watch the community, follow me on Twitter and check me out on Facebook.

We are also having a Back to School Launch Party on July 14th from 9-10pm EDT/6-7pm PDT and I’d hope you can join me and the Horizon Healthy Families Back To School team. Remember, the Grand Prize is a $500 Shopping Spree! So mark your calendar for July 14th, and come to the Back to School Launch Party.


Disclosure: As a Community Leader I am compensated for my time. My views are not edited. All opinions are my own. That being said, yes, we do enjoy Horizon Organic products. I buy them (using coupons, of course!)


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