August 27, 2010

Back To School Memories


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We all have them. Memories of heading back to school, with the new outfit and the lunchbox or backpack. I still remember how excited I was to go back to school shopping at Sears when I was a kid. I’d spend weeks looking at every single item in the girl’s section of the catalogue picking out just the right things so when we went to the store I didn’t waste a minute getting my new things to try on. Oh, the smell of brand new clothes!

That was elementary school. For high school, I just wanted my mom to drop me off at the mall with my friends with her credit card in my hand along with the note that said I could use her card up to a certain limit. My how times have changed when it comes to how we pay for things.

I loved school — still do! And I loved getting ready for school with the new supplies and the excitement of what the year would hold. Of course it was more of a honeymoon period which would begin to wear off by day 2 of having to get up before dawn. But as long as things were still new it was all good.

As a homeschooling family, BabyGirl doesn’t have the same back to school experience as those who will march off to public or private school. At this point she really doesn’t know any differently so she’s not missing out on anything. New clothes? She doesn’t really care because they come throughout the year. New school supplies? Of course, because Staples and OfficeMax always have cool things on sale during this time. And BabyGirl does go to French class so she has a backpack and various other traditional school things. One of her favorite things is that she has a lunch tote. She doesn’t take lunch but she likes to put her snacks in it. As long as she’s happy.

I wonder if she’s missing out on something. I don’t think she knows or cares how others ‘go to school’. It’s not really part of her world. Sure, she has friends who go to public and private school. She asks them questions. But, because she has many friends who are also homeschooled her experience is not something that is odd or outside of ordinary.

These are her memories of back to school. She gets new pens and pencils and highlighters. But she also gets to open boxes of curriculum and look through catalogues and see what kind of new and cool things exist for homeschoolers. They’re not the same memories I had, but they are her memories. And that’s all a mom really wants — for their child to have good memories about school.

What are your back to school memories? You don’t have to name brands or styles of clothing, because that will definitely date you (and me too!). I do have fond memories of legwarmers as well as prairie skirts and espadrilles. And let’s not forget the eyeglasses that today could easily double as coasters they were so big!



Cycleguy August 27, 2010 at 8:05 am

I miss two things about back-to-school, the smell of new books and the smell of mimeograph paper when we got our first handouts. It would figure your husband would remember those two things! The other thing I missed because I was bused over 1 hour away is catching up with friends after the summer….

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang August 28, 2010 at 10:44 am

I miss those perfectly clean notebooks. So new and ready for all my ideas! (with my perfectly sharpened pencils of course)!

Honey September 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Hi Sara,

I remember leg warmers. Does that date me? I don’t have many memories of back to school times, but one of my favorite things about homeschooling is the “box days” when all the new books arrive. The kids love it too.


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