March 1, 2012

BlissDom 2012 was … Perfect


BlissDom 2012Going to a conference of your peers, regardless of your industry, brings about a variety of feelings. There is the excitement of seeing people you don’t usually see. The anxiety of meeting new people. The frustration that work will continue to pile up despite your best efforts to tame it at 2am after a full day of learning and letting your hair down.

As I reflect on the BlissDom Conference, so many thoughts run through my mind. I have only 3 photos. OK, 5 if you count the 2 pictures I tweeted of the cool Ritani ring I created and the sparkly pink nails from my first shellac experience. I feel like a total loser because I went to a conference of over 700 of my blogging peers, many of whom are people I tweet with daily, and I have 3 photos, one of which is just above. I went to a number of the sessions – not only to learn but also support my fellow conference speakers. One of those was my friend Amy. Amy is a phenomenal photographer and graphic designer. I give her the title friend because, well, I wouldn’t be afraid to tell her about real life stuff and I know she wouldn’t freak out if I did.

I asked Amy a question in her photography session. How do you capture the moment but not be one of those people viewing the experience through a lens? It probably wasn’t that eloquent, but like her, I think you understand. Maybe we’ve done it, but we’ve definitely seen others do it. Instead of capturing the moment with our eyes, our heart, our soul, we are one step removed because we’re so intent on having a video to share with the world or photos that are blue-ribbon worthy to share with everyone. Amy said you just have to believe you’ve got the photo and step away. Make an agreement with yourself to put the camera down. I could see her brain turning flips on that one. I’m asking a photographer how NOT to preserve every possible moment. The cool thing was that she understood. She knew what I was saying, not as a photographer but as a mom. I got the sense that she’s been ‘that mom’, just as I have. And maybe you have. From her session, the takeaway I got was that perfection is NOT in the photo but in your belief that the image can start the story that your own experience can finish.

I didn’t feel so bad not having, at the time, only 2 photos. But because 3 is the magic number, I asked Amy for a photo. Perfect!

BlissDom 2012

Amy (@Greeblemonkey) and Me!

Unlike other professional conferences, the pre-BlissDom chatter is often about what to wear, how sparkly are your shoes, is there possibly enough glitter to take with me. The thing is, I get dressed up quite a bit that what I wear at a conference isn’t really a big deal for me. I have ‘the uniform’. Don’t get me wrong, I want to dress nicely and how I present myself is important. But, honestly, what you’re wearing is the least of my concerns. I’ve met people dressed to the nines that were not worth a minute of my time. I think we all have. That’s why it actually freaks me out to hear all the talk about clothes. It’s not just a BlissDom thing either, it’s common for most women blogger conferences. I doubt any of the guys who went to BlissDom were fretting over what was going in their suitcase. And, even more, if there had been a game show at the conference for the men about the clothes the ladies were wearing they’d all lose. And lose miserably.

The fact is, everyone is wearing a smile even if they’re nervous or anxious, overwhelmed or totally freaked out. And with that, they’re Perfect.

This year I was not only an attendee but also a speaker. With my own session. Alone. By myself. No one else. Just me. And get this — ON A STAGE! I didn’t have one of those cool sessions about finding your life path, creating the next great thing, or taking the best photos. I was talking about laws, regulations and guidelines related to blogging. When I got to BlissDom, people kept telling me they were going to be a Community Leader in my session. Community Leaders are women who volunteered to mentor others in their niche. After about 10 people telling me this, I started to wonder if Megan, the speaker coordinator, was paying people to be in my session. Seriously, I really thought no one wanted to be in my session so they’re making people go so I don’t feel bad. Sure, I love talking about the law and social media. I could do it for hours! But at a conference with ‘big names’, would bloggers really want to listen to a lawyer?

Evidently the answer is Yes. And for that I’m very thankful. Despite my desire to pick apart my session, it was … Perfect.

So why do I say BlissDom 2012 was … Perfect? It’s how I cho0se to view it. That despite the ‘real world’ things that can go wrong, BlissDom is more than a 3-day conference in Nashville, Tennessee. BlissDom is a state of mind. A belief that goodness, love, and kindness can be the basis of success. BlissDom is a place where imperfection does not exist. In one word, BlissDom isPerfect.



Kate @ Songs Kate Sang March 1, 2012 at 9:36 pm

You know… Maybe next year I should tag along with you 🙂

Sara March 1, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Oh, Kate, you should! If only for all the great photography information.

Cindy March 7, 2012 at 2:09 pm

I was at your session and thought your presentation was fabulous!

Sara March 7, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Thank you, Cindy!

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