Memories And The Power Of A Single Scent

Gardenia photo

My Mother’s favorite flower was gardenia. When I bought my house one of the first things I did was plant a gardenia bush in the front. I didn’t realize there was anything special that needed to be don for them, and for the most part all I do is water it. What I also didn’t know was that Phoenix is considered too hot for the average person to maintain gardenias.

For the past 17 years as spring has rolled around I secretly hoped my gardenia bush would get at least one flower. Most years I’ll get buds which then burn and shrivel up. My hopes to smell that sweet floral smell of gardenia dashed. My wanting to once again smell a scent that reminds me of my mother. My childhood. Special occasions.

This year my gardenia plant is blooming with, at last count, 6 beautiful blooms like the one in the photo. Yes, that is from my gardenia plant and yes, I took the photo. See, I’m getting better at this photography thing!

I stood at the plant, hoping I could capture their beauty. Wishing I could photography the scent too. I can’t but I hope you can imagine that amazing, unique, sweet, and intensely floral gardenia. To me it says “Mom”. It will always make me think of her.

If I find someone wearing a gardenia fragrance, it makes me want to be near them. Good thing they tend to be older. And understanding. Almost 20 years ago she left this world. But one flower alone brings her back.

Experts say scents help to keep memories with us. This is a good memory I’m holding on to.

Do you have certain scents that take you back? Do you ever think about the legacy you might leave with a certain scent?