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Tokbox – Online Live Video Chat Technology

  OpenTok by TokBox enables anyone with a web presence to weave live face-to-face communication into their site or blog through a simple, plug-n-play app, or flexible API. Whether you’re a blogger that wants to host Oprah style discussions about your content, or an eCommerce site owner that wants to provide a more personalized customer service experience, […]

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Customize and Protect Your Tech With 50% Off At ZAGG

  I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Zagg products. They are the best device protection on the market with their intelliSHIELD product! And when they have these 50% off sales I double check to see if I need to change out my screen protector or if maybe I should get a new back for my phone. […]

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Insurance For Your Electronics, Peace Of Mind For You

This weekend a friend of mine dropped her iPad2 and shattered the glass and the LCD under it. Her $600+ device now needs over $300 worth of repairs. She was in tears. I know how she feels. About a year ago I thought I put my iPhone on the counter top but I missed it […]

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Fun with Technology – A Post in QR Code

I was on a conference call with my fellow Blissdom Legal Divas Charlene and Sarah and we were talking about QR (Quick Response) Codes. I’ve always wanted one but was told they were expensive. But Charlene said I could create my own for free. Well, you know me and free are like BFFs! OK, so […]

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