May 12, 2010

Do Kids Really NEED All This Stuff?


When BabyGirl was born, I sent my BFF ZoniDuck out with a list of things. Being Jewish, I subscribed to the tradition that there would be nothing in the house prior to the baby being born. Ok, well, not to the T but very close. I did let CycleGuy built the crib before BabyGirl was born — which she did not sleep in until she was 7-months old. Good planning, huh?

And so, on the day BabyGirl was born I handed off the list to ZoniDuck and gave MamaSan (my MIL) a short list too. While I was living it up in my hotel room (uh, I mean hospital room) they were out shopping. Not cool stuff shopping, though. There were wipes and diapers and onesies and those feet outfits and tiny towels and burp cloths and who knows what all else. I wasn’t there to see it all come in, nor did I have to put it away (woo hoo!).

But, for some reason shortly after I got home with this teeny tiny little person who slept, ate and soiled her diaper my house started to look like a Toys-R -Us. Nearly 8 years later, I could probably count the toys CycleGuy and I have purchased on one hand. Friends and family, though, seem to insist on making my house look more like a Chuck E Cheese play place instead of the serene environment I’m trying to go for.

Ok, I’ll admit that I love the Fisher Price Little People and that I did go on eBay and buy a lot of them. A lot, as in more than 100 of these adorable little people and animals, one of whom is named Seamus (pronounce Shay-mus). And, I tell you, Noah had nothing on what we’d have if we had a Little People animal Arc!

And now we’ve added My Little Pony to the mix. And some Barbies too. Oh, and let’s not forget the giant pink box of Lego’s and the Build-A-Bear. Then there is the Leapster and it’s associated games, and her video iPod. And don’t even get me started on books and clothes.

Darn it, I said it — books and clothes. This child reads like she’s Evelyn Wood! And I just adore all those cute girl froufy clothes. Thanks to the local resale shops and eBay there is a plentiful supply of both books and clothes. But, wait, there’s more!

Does it ever stop? As BabyGirl enters her tweens (some say they start at 8, Lord help me!) there seems to be more that she NEEDS. I didn’t NEED all this stuff. I think I had 7 outfits (although I may be imaging having that many) and one nice dress. I know I had one pair of every day shoes and one pair of dress shoes.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks they could open up a store with all the stuff their kid has. And I just have one child. Sure, we homeschool so we have all kinds of school related stuff. But BabyGirl says she needs (say it with your best whiny voice) more things. More pens b/c she needs ones that sparkle or are certain colors. She needs more notebooks because the 20 she has just aren’t enough. She needs more books because she’s already read the hundreds we have. She needs the stuff to learn how to knit. She needs more dress up clothes so she can do her music videos. It’s never ending!

Now, don’t get me wrong. We don’t give BabyGirl everything she asks for. If you asked her she’d probably tell you she can’t get anything unless Mama has a coupon (roll eyes for effect!), and she’d be pretty much right. And I really don’t buy her stuff all that much. But it just seems like this stuff is multiplying as we sleep.

Please, experienced moms of tweens and teens, tell me it gets better and my house will one day not look like a Toys-R-Us exploded! At least lie to me and tell me it will all be better, okay?



Amy @ Dealusional May 12, 2010 at 7:52 am

My 9 yr old is SO sentimental. She wants to hold on to everything “for her children.” Um, you’re 9. Kids are at least 20 years off (at least that’s when the chastity belt comes off). She can tell me who gave her every single toy and the occasion. I miss the basements in the midwest.

Honey May 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Hi Sara,

I kid you not, we could open a toy store of our own. Our house is full of Lego, K’nex, Duplo, Playmobil, cars, blocks, books, dvd’s, and way more… We don’t buy it… Has anyone told you the secret? The toys breed during the night while you are sleeping.

Hey, in case I forget… thank you for taking the time to visit my guest post on The Tucker’s Take Tennessee… I appreciate it.


TracyC May 14, 2010 at 10:45 am

I don’t know if it gets any better. From what I remember of my brother and sister it goes from a Toys R Us to a Claires/Sporting Goods store. Now take you mess of toys, multiply it by 3 and divide your hosue in half. Now you know why I can’t have people over!

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