July 5, 2011

Do You Have Enough Time?


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Recently I was contacted by Day-Timer about a new online family calendar they’ve created for busy moms. You know Day-Timer, the time management and calendar people. Those binders with daily pages to keep you organized. Yes, that Day-Timer!

It came at a perfect time because CycleGuy and I were having trouble meshing together our individual calendars. In addition to our calendars not syncing there were times I truly didn’t have time to go in and update my calendar with something BabyGirl was doing. I figured he’d be at work so what’s the big deal.

Except that he does like to know. It’s not because he needs to know, but it helps him to connect with her and ask her questions about her day. He feels part of her day and her life rather than relying on me to explain her day. He also knows where we are should there be a change in his plans.

I never really though about having an online family calendar. I figured I could due with the one on my computer. But after using this for a week now I am really now understanding all of the possibilities that exist. Before, CycleGuy couldn’t add to my calendar but now he can! Something so small that I never really considered.

I still have a lot to learn abou the new calendar, but I know you’ll love it! And while the calendar is geared toward busy parents and families, it’s perfect for singles who like to plan get togethers with their friends or even couples who live busy lives and still need to coordinate schedules.

Check them out on Twitter at Enough Time Moms, at Enough Time Moms on Facebook and even watch informative videos and tutorials on YouTube.

Over the next weeks I’ll share more about the HomeLife by Day-Timer online family calendar. If you join to keep your family’s calendar in order I’l love for you to share how it’s working for you.

I know I feel like I don’t ever have Enough Time. Are you an Enough Time Mom too?

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Li July 7, 2011 at 9:32 am

This sounds excellent. There is always time, but its how we manage our time that makes it seem like there isn’t any time at all! I’m definitely interested in checking this out. I’ve been trying to manage my time better, and it’s been working, but I’d like to have it on a calendar like this so my family and partner can see what I’m working with when they try to add more To Do’s for me. 🙂

Great post, as always!


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