Chatting with George Lucas on Twitter, As One Does

As you know, I’m on Twitter. A lot. Well, honestly I don’t think it’s really a lot but I’ve been told that 25,000+ tweets in 18 months is a lot. Seems pretty normal to me, though.

Anyway, one of the things I love about Twitter is how easily it is to talk to some people. I’ve made friends with all kinds of people I’d never have the opportunity to in real life. We don’t normally travel in the same circles, we live in different places, we’re different ages, have different priorities in life, and so forth. But Twitter somehow levels the playing field and allows you to exchange words with other people you may not normally talk with.

For instance, I became a member of the BA75 because I would share tweets, pass on information, comment on articles and so forth. So when Diana and Amy were putting together their list they saw me as someone who fit their description of one of the Bad Ass Women on Twitter. The best part of it is that I was just being myself.

I follow all kinds of people – celebrities, rocket scientists, science geeks, self-proclaimed new junkies, lawyers, doctors, moms dads, musicians and so many more. I’ve even participated in Twitter karaoke! I routinely talk to people who are on the Twitter Power list as well as those who are brand new to the social platform.

So imagine my surprise to see this:

While the profile is not verified, it is quite possibly true that I received a tweet from Mr. Star Wars himself, George Lucas. Squee! With only 11 tweets (as of the time of this writing), mine being his 3rd, I feel awkwardly special. I’m sure there were thousands of tweets today about the release of Return of the Jedi (or as George, yes I call him George because we’re Twitter BFFs now!, would say ROTJ) on Blu-Ray and the reported alteration from the original. And while I don’t want to split hairs with George, I did let him know that if he added something it is therefore changed. Maybe his definition of changed is different. Then again, I’m not a world-renown bazillionaire film maker who created some of the most beloved characters of all time.

Anyway, let’s Squee! again just because, well, George Lucas tweeted me! Go ahead and laugh. It is kind of funny, really. Because I’m not a celebrity hound. I’ve met countless celebrity and professional athletes, CEOs, musicians and, yes, two world leaders and one Pope. And I’ve never been overly emotional about it because, one, I don’t want to come off looking like a dork and, two, when you act normal they appreciate it.

So while I’m not overcome with the vapors, if indeed it was George Lucas of Industrial Light and Magic awesomeness who tweeted at me (not just once, but four times) a little part of me did let out a tiny ‘Oh-Em-Gee’ because I was just being my normal self and that was good enough for him. I didn’t have to praise him or heap superlatives on the upcoming ROTJ release. All I did was something I do every day, share information and be nice. Sure, I put a bit of my own spin on the original tweet after reading that the BluRay release will contain new dialogue. But it wasn’t anything so amazing that someone of George’s stature would shake his head and say “I need to talk to that girl.” It was just me being me. And that’s what so awesome about Twitter.

Now it’s your turn though, tell me about your brushes with celebrities or famous people.


Author: Sara

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    1. Jackie, that’s awesome! I used to work in the NBA and many of them like a good deal, glad he found you to help him stretch his millions. 😉

  1. Love it!!!! You rock something very hard core!!! 🙂 Now that you’re besties, hook me up! I need a role in one of his films!!!


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