February 2, 2010

Duncan Donuts (Phoenix): Free Coffee For Teachers Every Tuesday In February



Beginning February 1st Duncan Donuts ‘Thank You’ program is honoring TEACHERS.  If you are a teacher (or know a police officer), each Tuesday in February you can get a FREE medium hot or iced coffee as part of the ‘Thanks To You’ Program.

Each month, one group will receive a FREE medium hot or iced coffee every Tuesday. To receive the promotion, customers need to show valid ID or proof of employment.  NOTE:  I have sent an inquiry and have asked at few local stores if this promotion will apply to Homeschooling parents.  I have not received a definitive answers and at the 3 shops I visited I got an ‘I don’t know’.  You can try and see if they will include  homeschool parents, but take your certificate from the state or if you have a homeschool group ID that might work.  Please let me know if you have success and I’ll let everyone know.

“Thanks to You” recipients are as follows:

  • February 2010 – Teachers (not sure if this applies to us homeschoolers, but I’m going to check!)
  • March 2010 – Nurses
  • April 2010 – Active Duty Military

This is a fantastic program benefiting our great pubic servants, so make sure you tell all your friends and family in the Phoenix area so they can participate.  Also, if you are a Duncan Donuts visitor, check your local shop and ask about these promotions.  Duncan Donuts may be rolling them nationwide.

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