September 20, 2011

Enough Time Moms: A Little Self Indulgence


Maybe we think we’re being selfish when we’re doing something for ourselves? Unfortunately, selfish has such a negative connotation that many of us run in the opposite direction when we have the opportunity for a little self-indulgence. Little things, like a bubble bath or a nice piece of chocolate instead of the ninety-nine cent bag of crappy chocolate that’s just ‘good enough’.

Join me over at Enough Time Moms today where I’m sharing about being self-indulgent. Being a mom has amazing rewards, some of which we don’t reap until many years later. Besides rewarding ourselves, doing these little things sends a very powerful message to our children that it’s OK to do things for yourself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what little self indulgences you have (or, why, like me, you put everyone else first and don’t think doing for yourself is a priority).

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