July 23, 2011

Family Dinner Fun Live Chat 7/25



Ronald Reagan once said that the future of our country starts around the dinner table. May sound hokey but he was right. Studies have shown that kids who eat dinner as a family have higher self esteem, make better food choices and are able to communicate more clearly.

I am teaming up with Liz from This Full House to bring you a lively discussion about Family Dinner Fun. Join us on Monday, July 25th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific to talk about ways to make eating together as a family not only a priority but something the kids will want to continue well into their teens.

Join us in The Horizon Dairy community on The BlogFrog to meet other parents working to make dinner more than just meal time. We’ll talk about food (of course), but we’ll also chat about how to get the kids to engage and share, ways to make dinner time fun and so much more.

If have not yet joined the BlogFrog community, please do. There are thousands of people sharing on topics ranging entertainment, crafts, health, photography and so much more. If you’re interested in it, so are others!

So, mark your calendar for Monday, July 25th at 8pm EDT to join Liz and me for the Family Dinner Fun live chat.

Disclosure: As a Community Leader I am compensated for my time. My views are not edited. All opinions are my own. That being said, yes, we do enjoy Horizon Organic products. I buy them (using coupons, of course!)


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