Father’s Day Custom Photo Card Only $0.99 From Tiny Prints


From now until June 6th, Tiny Prints is running a special promotion offering customized Father’s Day cards as low as $0.99. Just use the code GC99 at checkout.

Tiny Prints has a great selection of customizable Father’s Day Cards. And the best thing is that you can upload your own photos and personalize it to make it a really special card. If you want to include a gift card, you can also embed a gift card from Amazon, Home Depot, or any of about 10 retailers. In a matter of minutes, you can create personalized Father’s Day Cards and have Tiny Prints mail them directly to you or the recipient.

If you’ve never ordered from Tiny Prints, you won’t be disappointed! They have excellent customer service and their website is easy to use. And, well, really, where else can you get a custom photo card for a buck?

Remember to use the code GC99 at checkout for your Father’s Day Cards. If you ship to yourself Shipping is FREE. Or you can have the card sent for you and it will cost you $0.44 (the cost of a postage stamp).

Want a better deal because you love sending cards?

Then get in on this even better deal! Yes, there is a deal better than a buck!

If you have their Greeting Card Subscription Service, you actually can save more off your discounted card price. If you haven’t signed up for a membership yet, you can still sign up AND get 3 FREE cards, plus save 50% off all your card purchases for the entire year!

I have the membership service and it makes sending cards so easy and it is so easy because I can do it from home and customize it and make it even that much more special and unique. Actually, I have shown BabyGirl how to make the cards so she can go in once a month and send one to her Bubbie. It’s definitely a special bond between them.

Seriously, check out the Greeting Card Membership Page and get started sending cards to all your friends.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. I get my business cards from Tiny Prints so I promote their deals. In exchange, they provided my cards for a conference.


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