March 14, 2011

Feng Shui Update 2011 – Year of the Rabbit


Feng Shui Year of Rabbit

Image (c) 2011 Sara Hawkins

As the Year of the Rabbit hopped in about a month ago, I got a sense that my world was no longer in harmony. Things didn’t feel right. I felt a bit off. Sure, part of it was my poor attempt to self-medicate. But there was more to it.

I no longer felt comfortable in my bedroom. I know some of that is due to CycleGuy living in the San Francisco Bay Area. But it’s something more that just missing him. The master bedroom seems like a black hole sucking my energy.

And I don’t want to spend any time in the formal living or dining areas. They became catch-all areas for papers, mail, deliveries, and all kinds of things. There was no longer the feeling of comfort and quiet that I used to feel.

Then there’s my office. It became my haven. A place to escape to and spend a lot of time. Since the bedroom wasn’t right, I’d stay up late working. Adding to my being tired.

My feng shui master, Lisa from Feng Shui Arizona, came over and went to work to get things back in balance and harmony. I didn’t tell her what was going on so I wouldn’t influence her work. And if she wasn’t spot on, I don’t know what to call it.

Fortunately, I don’t need a lot of fixes this year. Unfortunately, sleeping in my master bedroom is not good for me. Based on several feng shui principles that part of the house is harboring so much negativity for me it’s no wonder I haven’t been able to sleep well. And even more unfortunate, there isn’t much to fix it.  The negative energy in my bedroom this year is sickness. Ack! Just what I’m trying to cure with my homeopath, my bedroom is working against me! Good thing BabyGirl loves to sleep in my bed – now I just sleep in hers! It’s like camping.

In an attempt to protect me for this year, I have 3 pendants I wear. They’re in the photo at the top – a rat, monkey, dragon trio. I thought people would notice them and say something but so far no one has said a word. That’s what I love about feng shui. That it’s very natural and not attention grabbing.

I had to clean up the garage and I have a few other things to buy for the house – a new cactus, a clock with a second hand and a few things from Lisa’s store. I already added my happy cat, a mechanical waving cat which is the closest thing to a cat we’ll ever have in this house. And Lisa put more coins around the house and I placed the requisite bottle of water in the pantry and refreshed my jar of distilled water that sits in the backyard outside my bedroom window.

I’m looking forward to the positive energy levels returning and bringing Shalom Bayit (peace at home) back. Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit!

Have you felt places in your home no longer ‘feel right’? You might just be right!


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Lala Sams March 18, 2011 at 3:46 am

Oh I love this Sara! I would be so interested in having a feng shui master come and cleanser my home.
Good for you. I hoe your health improves.

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