December 23, 2015

Finding True Love Online With JDate


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JDate. I’m sharing my thoughts and feelings in hopes that more Jewish singles find their true love.

CycleGuy and I have been together almost 30 years. We’ve been married 21. So when JDate approached me to work with them I wasn’t sure at first. Then I saw their new video for the fictitious dating app called “Eh”, created with Saturday Night Live’s Jon Rudnitsky, I had to work with them because my family talks about these weird online dating ads for niche dating sites we see on late night tv and “Eh” kind of captured their absurdity. I also have this thing for JDate – I just love the name.

Among your friends, if you were to give a number, how many met online? Online dating is so mainstream today that I recently read there were over 1,000 dating sites. That’s a lot of sites! Which makes a site like JDate even more important among Jewish singles. If you’re looking to date another Jewish person, the non-JDate options are much more limited. At least with JDate, if finding another Jewish single is one of the non-negotiable items, you’re not having to rely on your Aunt Linda to get you her MahJong partner’s cousin’s daughter’s phone number. Besides, who calls anymore. Right?

And while we love Aunt Linda, and all the moms and bubbes and aunties out there playing matchmaker, sometimes it’s not that easy. Dating today is very different. And not just for the 20-somethings. I think we all know people who are divorced or widowed but are looking for a relationship. With smartphones, dating has gone high-tech with easy to use apps.

I think the all-new JDate has a lot of benefits – you control the information so it’s consistent with your other online profiles, you can filter others based on criteria that are “musts”, you can go beyond the photo and read more about the person, and you can do it all in the privacy of your phone. No more worrying if the kids or your mom will find the profile on the kitchen computer. And since you don’t have to use your real name for your profile name there’s an added layer of security. Even better, you can communicate within the app for greater privacy and safety.

My friend Beth shared about how her brother and sister-in-law found true love on JDate. That was 10 years and 2 kids ago, so it does work. JDate is kind of like a tech version of a matchmaker. It helps to avoid some of the awkwardness of going up to people, which makes it a little less stressful. In addition, JDate has events around the country you can check out and attend knowing there will be others there looking to make the in-person connection too.

Being single and looking for “the one” has special challenges. You can only go to the J, visit every shul in town, and attend Jewish mixers so many times before you get tired or they start to think you’re a freak. So if you know someone who may want to get started, but is reluctant, give them the gift of JDate. And if you’re the mom or the Auntie, don’t be offended if your bubelah doesn’t write a formal thank you for the gift. It’s appreciated. Besides you can tell them JDate is responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other online dating sites combines. That’s a pretty good track record! But don’t break out the Bartenura just yet.

My grandparents were married 52 years. All my bubbe’s siblings were married over 50 years. I’m heading toward 25 years with CycleGuy. We all deserve to find our beshert!


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