September 1, 2010

Frugalistas Shop At Whole Foods Too!


Whole Foods. A store that often makes my friends’ husbands cringe. They call it by another name because they think it’s very costly. Sure, they have many products with higher price points. All stores do. But, did you know that eating whole, organic foods doesn’t have to break the bank.

Take for example this Friday, September 3rd. Just in time for grillin’ on Labor Day you can get Grass-Fed ground beef for $3.99/lb.  Yes, it’s a tad bit more than your standard grain-fed variety. But the difference? You can definitely taste it.  What is grass-fed beef anyway? Whole Foods believes it is a better way to raise cattle, manage natural resources, and provide quality products to their customers.

Whole Foods partners with grass-fed producers from across the country including family farms in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nebraska, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

But you say, this is on sale, of course it’s a good deal. Well, lemme tell you. Whole Foods has these things called Sure Deals. Need to feed a family quickly? Grab a bag of frozen 365 Everyday Value Organic Ravioli or Tortellini ($4.99), jarred sauce ($3.99), crusty bread ($3.00 or less), Organic bagged lettuce ($3.99) some olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and for under $20 you have a fully organic meal for four. And if you grab the sauce and pasta when it’s on sale, it’s even cheaper!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve walked in to Whole Foods and walked out spending way more than I intended. They have a great selection of very enticing foods. But I’ve found that with a list of what’s on sale, coupons I can print at home for exactly what I need, and a little self control (don’t laugh!) I can eat whole foods and organic and still stay within my budget.

And because it’s not just about me, I encourage you to sign up for the Whole Foods newsletter to get all the sale information as well as great coupons right to your email. As an added benefit, Whole Foods Market will donate $1 to the Salad Bar Project for every e-newsletter that is forwarded to a friend. The Salad Bar Project will use customer donations to fund a total of 300 salad bars for public schools in the communities where Whole Foods has stores. Through September 29th, customers can make a donation at their local store or online via


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Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget September 1, 2010 at 7:29 pm

I totally agree with you! I get great deals at WF by using coupons and shopping their sales. Today was $1.99 for whole seedless watermelons. YUM! I do always marvel at how crowded our WF is. It’s like a total disconnect from the economic reality outside the door. But maybe they’re all using coupons, too 😉

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