Frys Food Stores 9/4-9/10

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Fry’s current coupon policy: All coupons are now worth $1.00. You can read more about the current Fry’s coupon policy here. Fry’s has updated the Fry’s coupon policy and All manufacturer coupons up to $1 will be worth $1 at all stores, except in Yuma.

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YUMA INFO – Effective July 24, Fry’s will be ending their limited-time promotion where manufacturer coupons equal $1 for the two stores located in Yuma. Manufacturer coupons up to $0.50 will be doubled with your V.I.P Card every day. Manufacturer coupons over $0.50, and other coupons which include digital coupons, e-coupons, Catalina coupons and printable coupons, will be redeemed at face value. You can find the updated coupon policy for the two Yuma stores here:


Minneola Tangelos $0.99 lb
Bartlett Pears $0.99 lb
Olathe Sweet Corn $0.44 ea
Red, Green, or Black Seedless Grapes $1.99 lb
Cantaloupe $1.99 ea
Black or Red Plums $0.99 lb
Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $0.99 ea
Broccoli $0.99 lb
Roma Tomatoes $0.99 lb
Nectarines $0.99 lb
Peaches $0.99 lb
Tango Premium Apples $1.68 lb
Simple Truth Organic Mini Peeled carrots, 1lb $1.50 ea
Simple Truth Organic Salad Blends $3.00 ea


NY Strip Steak 50% off
Beef Roasts 50% off
Jennie-O Ground Turkey 1.25lb $4.99 ea
Kroger Value Chicken Leg Quarters $0.99 lb
Ground Beef, 80% lean $2.99 lb (sold in 3lb roll $8.97 ea)
Boneless Pork Loin Center Chops $2.99 lb


Fry’s Milk $1.87 gal (Limit 2)

Armour LunchMakers $1.00 ea

Farmer John Breakfast Links $1.25 ea

Simple Truth Almond Milk, Soy Milk, or Coconut Milk $2.50 half gal

Simple Truth Organic Milk $2.79 half gal

Kind Bars $1.25 ea

Simple Truth Organic Beans, canned $1.00 ea

Simple Truth Organic Fruit 25% off

Bush’s Best Beans, 15-16oz $1.00 ea

Sara Lee Bread $1.99 ea

Kroger Sour Cream or Dip $1.00 ea

Fritos or Cheetos $1.88 ea

Kroger Cheese $1.79 ea

Fry’s Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns $1.00 ea

Powerade or Powerade Zero $0.59 ea

Coca Cola, Pepsi, or 7Up 2L $1.00 ea

Michelina Entrees $0.88 ea
Use $1/5 Michelina’s Entree printable coupon
$0.68 ea wyb 5

Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites or Stouffers Simple Dishes $1.67 ea

VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner $0.79 ea

Mix & Match Sale
Buy 5 Save $5 at Checkout with your VIP Card
Price show reflects instant savings

General Mills or Quaker Cereal $1.49 ea
Various Digital Coupon loaded to your Fry’s VIP Card
Load and Redeem $0.50/1 Life Cereal (Ibotta Deposit)
Use $0.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal printable coupon
Use $0.75/1 Fiber One Cereal printable coupon
Use $1/2 General Mills Cereals printable coupons
Use $1/3 General Mills Big G Cereals printable coupons
Use $0.60/1 Cocoa Puffs Cereal printable coupon
Use $1.10/2 Cheerios Cereal, select varieties printable coupon
Use $0.60/1 Cheerios Original Cereal printable coupon
Use $0.60/1 Cocoa Puffs Cereal printable coupon
Use $0.60/1 Cocoa Puffs Cereal printable coupon
Use $1.10/2 Cheerios Cereal, select varieties printable coupon
Use $0.60/1 Cheerios Original Cereal printable coupon
Use $0.60/1 Cheerios Original Cereal printable coupon
Use $1.10/2 Cheerios Cereal, select varieties printable coupon
Use $1/2 Quaker Product from Red Plum 08/04/13
Use $0.50/1 Chex Box from Smart Source 07/28/13

Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.29 ea
Use $1/3 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Product from Smart Source 08/11/13
$0.96 ea wyb 3

Fry’s Large Eggs, 18ct $1.49 ea

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $0.99 ea
Use $1/2 Quaker Product from Red Plum 08/04/13
$0.49 ea wyb 2

Dreyers Ice Cream, Nestle or Dreyers Frozen Novelties $1.99 ea
Use $1.10/1 Dreyer’s Outshine Fruit Bars or Outshine Coconut Waters Bars printable coupon

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8oz block $0.99 ea

Simply Juice, 59oz $2.79 ea

Thomas’ English Muffins $1.99 ea

Entenmann’s Muffins $1.99 ea

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.99 ea
Use $1/2 Quaker Product from Red Plum 08/04/13
$1.49 ea wyb 2

Cheez-It Crackers $1.99 ea

Kettle Brand Potato Chips $1.49 ea

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream or Novelties $2.49 ea

Kraft American Singles $1.49 ea

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip $2.49 ea
Use $1/1 Miracle Whip Dressing printable coupon (Facebook)
$1.49 ea

Tide Laundry Detergent, 50oz $4.99 ea
Use $0.40/1 Tide Detergent printable coupon
Use $0.40/1 Tide Liquid Detergent printable coupon
Use $1.50/2 Tide Detergent or Boost printable coupon
Use $0.40/1 Tide Plus Bleach Alternative printable coupon
Use $1.50/2 Tide Detergent printable coupon
Use $0.50/1 Tide Detergent from P&G 09/01/13
Use $1.50/2 Tide Detergent from P&G 09/01/13
Use $3/3 Tide Detergent from P&G 09/01/13

Charmin Bath Tissue, 12 Double Rolls $5.99 ea
Use $0.25/1 Charmin from P&G 09/01/13
Use $1/1 Charmin Double Roll or Mega Roll from P&G 09/01/13
$4.99 ea

Bounty Paper Towels, 6-8 Big Rolls $5.99 ea
Use $0.25/1 Bounty Towels from P&G 09/01/13
$4.99 ea


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