April 27, 2011

Frys Food Stores Milk Freshness Guarantee


Frys Milk photo

This past Friday I had the pleasure of meeting with Jon Flora, President of Fry’s, as well as several others who have been instrumental in developing and ensuring this new Milk Campaign.

Beginning 4/27/2011 Fry’s Food Stores is rolling out a new Milk Freshness Guarantee Campaign throughout Arizona.

What is the Milk Freshness Guarantee Campaign?
It is a program that guarantees you will have no less than 9 days before milk you purchase is set to expire.

Why this new program?

“There’s nothing more frustrating to customers than to bring home a product with a short shelf life,” says Ann Reed, Vice President of Merchandising at Fry’s Food Stores. “We didn’t want customers to be concerned that their milk wouldn’t last in between their shopping trips, so we put together a team to help address any obstacles to delivering the freshest milk possible.”

Buy Local!

Fry’s is the only major grocery chain in Arizona that sources it’s own milk supply using local dairies. Located in the west valley of Phoenix, Fry’s has been working with local dairies and a local milk processor to ensure that their milk gets to the store as quickly as possible.

What this new Milk Freshness Guarantee means for you.

All stores will have the freshest milk possible, ensuring you will have no less than 9 days freshness.
New date stamps have been created so you can clearly see the expiration date
Employees will rotate milk so you don’t have to hunt for the best date

What happens to Milk that has less than 9-days freshness?

Milk with fewer than nine days of freshness remaining on the code will be donated to local food banks.


Jon Flora and his team have been working on this program for quite some time. They know that Fry’s customers want quality milk that will be fresh as long as possible. By creating a program that cuts the transport time, by using locally sourced milk, Fry’s is not only bringing the best milk to its customers but is also supporting the local community.

Remember that if at any time you have questions about any items in a Fry’s store, just ask! Customer Service is important to them!


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