July 25, 2010

Get Out of the Rut and Try Something New


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Half the year has gone by, and I’m pretty settled into my routine. I like predictability and having a sense of what comes next. By nature I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. Sometimes I wish I was though.

I have friends that can turn on a dime and change everything without so much as twitching a muscle. They’re laid back and just go with the flow. Change restaurants? Sure! Don’t want to see that movie? Whatever. Put together cute outfits every. single. day? Yep!

Well, not me. And I want to get out of my rut. It’s not that I’m stuck in some sinkhole or giant mental ditch. It’s just that I need to, as Sue Sylvester from Glee would say, swish it up a bit. Yes, I need to do some swishin’ it up. I need to change some things and move out of this comfortable boringness. And I know just where to start!


I really should not eat wheat. I like it very much. It, on the other hand, does not like me. Personally, I find that rude. After all these years I’m supposed to give up on the staff of life? If not for my friend Valerie and her amazing GF in AZ blog I might fight this one. But, she makes eating Gluten Free look so easy. And, so delicious! Valerie showcases amazing gluten free recipes and cooking tips as well as dining out option in Arizona.


We all know that sleep is essential not only to good physical health, but also to good mental health. Many of my friends know that I have trouble sleeping. Not really sleeping, I can do that fine. It’s the getting to sleep part I have trouble with. But I’m a grown up and I need to get myself in gear and just go to bed instead of being taken in by all these amazing blogs I want to read. For you, though, if you want to begin early and instill good sleep patterns with your children, my friend Amy is an amazing Child Sleep Coach. Setting good sleep habits will help your child steer clear of the poor sleep rut. Amy is currently working on a project with a client to see if some techniques will translate to helping pets. If she took charity cases, I’d volunteer!

Learning Resources

As you know, I homeschool BabyGirl. Some days it seems like every idea I have isn’t working. And while I’ve been fortunate that our curriculum has been terrific, there is always room for new and different ways of learning. If you are a homeschooler or just thinking that you’d like to find some great resources for you child, look no further than Sunflower Schoolhouse. Here you will find a plethora of learning resources. Whether online or through a download, you may never leave.

As we start our final descent on summer, it’s a good time to reflect and consider where we want to go for the last half of 2010.

Are you needing to get out of a rut? Swish it up a bit, maybe? It’s OK. Admit it and let’s get going!



Shelly @ Coupon Teacher July 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Thanks for sharing your link posts!

Valerie D July 25, 2010 at 2:13 pm

Aww, if anyone has the strength to make changes, it’s you. And if you need any advice or just want to cook and eat GF with a pal, just let me know. All last night was GF and it was pretty good, huh? Even Babygirl’s cookie! I admire your insight into yourself and trying to change. I need to get more sleep also, but it seems I get less and less as I get older, but I want more and more!

Honey July 25, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Hey Sara,

I hopped over here to say hi and I discovered that you had mentioned me in your post. Thank you so much. You are so sweet. It is my pleasure to bring you great homeschooling resources.


Amy @MommyMentor July 31, 2010 at 8:16 am

You are such a strong person! I admire you for homeschooling and learning to live without wheat. Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post! Hugs!

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