May 17, 2010

Guest Post: Go Green – Save Money & Eat Organic


Go Green: Both Ways
Guest Post By Victoria from

During this time of recession in our country, many people are cutting back on grocery purchases. Unfortunately, cutting back often means eliminating healthier and more expensive organic food products. It is possible to eat organically and save money at the same time.

One method to save on organics is to use coupons. Many companies reward loyal customers by mailing out coupons, so E-mail or call the manufacturer of your favorite organic products with positive feedback. Manufacturer websites may also have printable coupons, if your local stores accept those printed coupons. Open up a free E-mail account to sign up for manufacturer newsletters, which often contain links to printable coupons. By signing up at, you can receive product samples and high dollar coupons for Kashi and other name brand products. Combine these coupons with store sales or double coupons to buy healthy products cheap or even free.

Grow your own organic produce. Many vegetable plants do well in containers, so you can grow your own organic produce indoors or on the patio. Organic herbs are quite expensive in the grocery stores, but a small potted herb plant will stay fresh longer and costs much less. If your yard is small, look for a community garden plot to rent or partner up with a neighbor to collaborate on a victory garden. The county extension office has information about community or co-op gardens, as well as how to grow and preserve food, and a list of training materials available.

Buy locally from small ranches and farms. Look for a farmers market or roadside stand. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) growers offer weekly share deliveries of fresh produce during the warmer months. and provide listings of local farms and CSAs. The delivery truck from stops once a month at the local health food store to drop off bulk and natural food orders.

It’s possible to go green both ways by saving money while eating organically.

Victoria runs the financial blog where she shares information and tips on numerous financial topics. From insurance to mortgage to investments and retirement helps you take your wealth to a higher level.


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Honey May 18, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Hi Sara and Victoria,

Great guest post with lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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