May 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary Honey, I’m Getting You Tires!


Damaged tire photo

Yes, that’s my actual tire. I drive a Mini Cooper Clubman and it has run flat tires. On Sunday I was out doing errands and I hit a pothole and about 2 minutes later the tire pressure system showed a low tire. I thought it was weirdly coincidental but there was no change to the handling or anything.

I went on to do my errands, not really thinking anything about it. I figured I’d stop and put air in the tire on the way home. I already had planned to stop at a few tire shops and get quotes. I know it’s important to get the best deal on tires, not just show up and hope for the best.

So I stopped in to one shop and they were just about to close. The manager was really nice and said he’d call me in the morning with pricing but he’d put some air in just to tide me over. And that’s when I got to see why my tire was registering low. Makes complete sense since part of my tire is missing!

I’ve known for awhile that tires were on my list. The car has 30,000 miles and these are the original tires. When I went to the dealership a few months ago the service guy said I’d need new tires soon and asked when I last had the tires rotated. Uhhhhhhhhh, …… Sorry, no clue. But he never said anything about my tires being close to death.

Unless they rotated them at the dealership when I took it in for service, I doubt they’ve been rotated. Violation of the rules I know! When I asked the service tech, and showed him in the manual that under tires there is no mention of rotating the tires he gave me a blank look.  I just told him that if the manual didn’t say anything about rotating them I figured they didn’t need to be rotated.

I’ve been doing some research and learning from other Mini owners about putting regular tires on the vehicle. Most have said the ride is much better. And I’m lucky that the Clubman has a place for a spare!

So my Monday will be spent at the tire store getting new tires. Because no matter how much air I put in that tire, a giant gaping hole isn’t helping. Thankfully I planned ahead and have put a little money away each month. Next week CycleGuy and I will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. I guess it is the New Tire anniversary!

It’s not all that romantic but sometimes you have to go for necessary. What are some of the more practical anniversary gifts you’ve exchanged?



rhonda May 16, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Don’t just love these kind of anniversaries? Tires, refrigerators, dishwashers, engines—all those fun things. : )
Glad you are safely on new tires and none of you are in danger now. Love ya

Joni June 18, 2011 at 2:00 pm

I have a clubman and also need new tires. What kind of tires did you get?
I didn’t know that there’s a place for a spare. Where did you put it?

Sara June 18, 2011 at 9:05 pm

Hi Joni,

I’ll email you separately with the info.


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