Happy Birthday, Christi

Birthday Cake

Today is my friend Christi’s birthday. Not just any birthday, her 40th! And no, I’m not divulging anything she hasn’t already shared publicly.

Love From The OvenChristi has a blog, you may have seen it – Love From The Oven. I’ve shared her recipes and if you follow me on Pinterest I have a board just for things Christi makes. If you don’t follow me, or that board, you really should.

So why, after 3+ years of blogging am I wishing one person a Happy Birthday with their own post? Christi isn’t just anyone. She’s a dear friend and the mom to my daughter’s BFF. And if that’s not enough, I found out about 18 months ago that she’s a famous blogger. Through a few conversations, I found out Christi had a blog. As BabyGirl’s BFF was trying to explain what a blog was, BabyGirl said she knew what one was and that her mom had a blog too. So BFF added that her mom was a “famous blogger”. When I picked up BabyGirl she relayed the story, with emphasis on the “famous blogger” part. I really think I should have had a shirt made with “Famous Blogger” bedazzled on the front. Maybe for her 41st.

Over the past 2 years, Christi and I have come to find out we have many things in common. One of those things is our love for chocolate cake. The other is our love of sarcasm, but more on that later. For now, let’s focus on what’s important. The chocolate cake! Christi made my birthday cake this year. If you love a rich chocolate cake that’s not cloyingly sweet, you MUST make this cake!

Considering I was not planning to enroll BabyGirl in public school, it’s crazy to think that she joined a class with a girl she had met briefly 5 years prior, and they clicked that first day as if they were long-lost friends. And that’s how I feel about Christi, too. Like we were meant to be friends. Christi immediately understood my reluctance to send BabyGirl over to play, and she was totally supportive. Christi has a wicked sense of humor where my snarkcasm (yah, totally made up this word) is not only welcome but rewarded. And she doesn’t think I’m stalking her when I pull up behind her in the school pick up line and we sit and text each other like we’re hundreds of miles apart.

Christi and I “met” about 5 years. Our daughter’s went to the same dance studio. Christi’s daughter is in the dance company and I’d mentioned BabyGirl took lessons at one time. Lo and behold, BFF’s dance teacher remembered BabyGirl. And when I dug out the recital program, sure enough they were both in it! So how is it that Christi and I didn’t become friends? We figured it must have been that our paths at the dance studio never crossed. Or that her daughter was in company and mine was just there for regular classes. But I was able to tell her about all the dance mom drama. How fortunate for her! How is that she and I never met, yet I could name off the cast of the local version of dance moms?  So imagine our surprise when just a few weeks ago Christi came across photos of our girls in dance class together when they were about 3 years old!

So today, Christi turns 40 and I want her to know how much I adore her and cherish our friendship. And if you would do me a huge favor and wish Christi a Very Happy Birthday that would be awesome! If you’re on Twitter, just tweet her at @LoveFromTheOven. If you’d like,  you can leave a comment on her blog, Or you can just leave a comment here and I’ll make sure she sees it.

Thank you for helping me wish Christi a very happy birthday. I hope she likes the gifts I got for her. Considering for Christmas I got her a box of labels (they were cool ones, though!), I’m sure she’s not expecting anything “normal”.


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  1. I do not begin to have the words to thank you for everything you do and everything you are. I am beyond blessed to call you my friend and to have your incredible family in our lives. My heart could not be happier for our two girls and all the narwhals, merpy dos and LPS collections between them and their amazing friendship. Of course they knew each other before school, I mean they told us they did! I’m still waiting to find the photo of them next to each other swaddled up as babies. I’m sure it exists. Thank you for your friendship, support, laughter and sarcasm. They make my life a better place. XOXO

  2. Christi I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Good friends like Sara are a treasure. Enjoy your 40s….they are a wonderful decade!

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