Helping Haiti: Global Family Philanthropy

Pictured:  Lori Goldberg of Global Family Philanthropy, Inc. with one of ‘her kids’ 12/31/2009 (Haiti)

LORI GOLDBERG of Global Family Philanthropy, Inc – Arizona Channel 10 interview 1/13/10

“How  can I help?”, I’ve heard this phrase quite a bit over the last day or so.  I am very fortunate to know Lori Goldberg of Global Family Philanthropy, Inc. whose organization supports 7 orphanages in Haiti.  (Disclosure:  I am on the Board of Directors.)  Just a few days before the destructive earthquake, Lori and her family took other families on a mission to Haiti to increase awareness of the plight of the youngest citizens of Haiti.  They took Christmas gifts and blankets and shirts, and the joy they saw on the children’s faces was truly priceless.  Now, there are only memories.  Children who had nothing reached for the only thing that was their own — a handmade blanket make just for them by a group of Daisy scouts in Phoenix, AZ.  But the blankets are now gone. Covered in rubble, filthy and torn.  Yet the children want to search for them, their connection to love and the people who love them.

Pictured:  Haitian orphan with new blanket 12/28/09 (a gift from GFP)

Global Family Philanthropy, Inc., was started several years ago when Lori and Seth Goldberg traveled to Haiti and Africa and saw first-hand the need for outreach to the most vulnerable and helpless people of these p0or nation — children.  It was then the seeds were planted.  In the years that followed, Lori and Seth gave generously of their time and money and were often asked by other how they can be part of these missions.  That grew in to the non-profit organization known as Global Family Philanthropy (GFP), which formally began in late-2009.  Awaiting its 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS, GFP is not sitting around doing nothing.  The volunteers of GFP have worked non-stop since hearing of the earthquake to determine the status of friends and family in Haiti as well as organize efforts to relocate several orphanages to safer areas.

How do you relocate an orphanage when there is devastation all around you?  It takes money and people.  At this time, only first responders from large relief organizations (and the media) are being allowed in to Haiti.  As a smaller organization, GFP is not one of them at this time.  However, being so well connected among the Haitian people GFP has people in Haiti who are able to access funds  raised by GFP.  GFP needs your help.  Please Donate what you can.  Any amount is helpful — pennies, nickels, dimes!  This is Change That Counts!!!.  The children living in the orphanages MUST be relocated.  It is not safe for them in Port au Prince.  GFP is working with relief organizations as well as the US Government to find ways for those in the ‘global family’ to reach out to these orphans and remove them from the destruction.

Over the next months, I will keep you informed on what efforts Global Family Philanthropy will undertake to continue its mission in Haiti.  This is not a one-time effort.  It will take years to rebuild Haiti.  We are all part of the GLOBAL FAMILY Philanthropy!



What else can you do?

1.  Pray — regardless of your beliefs, the power of prayer is amazing and very real!

2.  Tell your friends — send them the link to this page and encourage them to donate and/or join Global Family Philanthropy on Facebook

3.  Donate — skip your daily treat (coffee, donut, chips, soda) and donate that money to Global Family Philanthropy

4.  Become part of the Change That Counts – every day for the next 15 days, donate $0.50 for each day you have clean water to drink, a bed to sleep in and electricity.

NOTE:  All photos are protected by US Copyright (c) 2009 Global Family Philanthropy, Inc.  If you want to use them, please contact me at savingforsomeday (at) gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE: As of May 2010, Global Family Philanthropy is an approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In addition, Lori Goldberg has gone to Haiti 3 times since this post and has made great progress to create a home for many children and provide jobs for loving and caring Haitian men and women.


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    1. Kim and Jen, thank you for your kind words as support. As Global Family Philanthropy gains momentum on the ground in Haiti I will keep everyone informed. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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