January 17, 2010

Helping Haiti: Urgent Call For Action



Pictured:  Lori Goldberg, Founder of Global Family Philanthropy, Inc. with one of ‘her kids’ 12/31/2009 (Haiti)

I am on the board of Global Family Philanthropy, an organization that provides outreach to the youngest citizens of Haiti.  One of the organizations we partner with is For His Glory Outreach.  Lori and Seth Goldberg, the founders of Global Family Philanthropy, received an urgent plea from Kim Harmon, the President of For His Glory.  They need your help, now.  For His Glory and Global Family Philanthropy have orphanages in Port au Prince that are no longer standing and they are in urgent need to relocate these children.  Many of these children, just 5 days after the earthquake, are already having medical problems that if not addressed will cause their death.

We need your help!  We thank you for the financial support and are so blessed by the outpouring of generosity.  But right now, we need your time.  We need you to CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS!  We need to get these children out of Haiti and to a safe and stable environment, but we can not do it until the US Department of State issues an authorization for humanitarian assistance.  We are working with other organizations to get authorization from the President of Haiti, as well as trying to gain ground support for our work here with the US Government.  We need you to do your part and give of your time to make these calls asking for action by the US State Department to authorize these children to come to the US.

Here is how you can help:

1.  Call your Senator – Go HERE and choose your state from the pull down menu at the top right.  You will be taken to you local contacts.    Call or email and ask for swift action to get the children of Haiti out!

2.  Call your member of the House of Representatives – Go HERE and type in your zip code.  You will be taken to you local contacts.  Click on the name and you will be taken to his/her website with all their contact information both in Washington and your local area.  There will likely also be an email link and possibly a Facebook page.  Use them all to ask for swift action to get the children of Haiti out!

As of today (Sunday 1/17/10) the US Department of Homeland Security has NOT approved any visas and the US State Department has NOT issued any visas, regardless of what may be playing out in the media.  Help is needed to try and get the US Government moving quickly to get these children out of Haiti and into an environment where they can survive.  Many do not have water, and if they do have water it is likely not clean.  They have very little food.

I urge you to contact your representative and ask for their help.

Thank you, on behalf of Lori and Seth Goldberg of Global Family Philanthropy, Inc. (an Arizona non-profit organization).

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