I Am A Fashion Don’t (Sometimes)

I like to think I dress nicely.  However, lately I’ve been wearing my own personal mom uniform – a solid top and a pair of capris.  I love capri pants. They’re versatile and help keep me cool in this summer heat.  They’re easy to wear and I have plenty of mix-and-match tops.  It’s like a grown up version of Garanamals!

But every time I pull on a pair of capri pants I hear fashion guru Tim Gunn’s voice and his disdain for capri pants.  He doesn’t like them because they’re not flattering.  I can’t really argue with him on that.  They hit me wrong on the leg and I look short and stumpy.  Attractive they are not.  Functional, oh yah!

Some days I feel like I should be walking around with a black rectangle box covering my eyes, a la Glamour magazine.  Every time I slide the capris on I know that I shouldn’t but it’s so easy.  And, I really don’t like pants. So these are kind of a happy medium.  Sure I could wear shorts, but for some reason designers refuse to make shorts that are flattering to this 40-something year old woman with hips.

I like to watch the show What Not To Wear, although I do think that Stacy can sometimes be a bit too harsh.  In general though, I’m confident that no matter what I wear there is no chance I’d ever be on that show.  I may be a fashion don’t at times, but I’m definitely not a candidate for this show!

I do wish that Tim Gunn was still on TV with his Bravo TV show Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.  He had such a gentle way of making women understand how to dress and why the particular styles they were choosing were not working for them.  The one thing I liked the most was that Tim Gunn didn’t just focus on some superficial level of style. He looked at each woman’s shape and helped her maximize what she had.  And I liked that he didn’t overlook the importance of foundation garments.

But, here I am with my capri pants and my many days of fashion don’t sense of style.  I keep trying to heed the advice of true fashion mavens.  But I go for the path of least resistance most days.  I figure that no one really sees me.  And I tell myself that no one really cares either.

Basically it’s all just a cop out. I do know how to dress for my body and usually I do a pretty good job.  It’s just that some days I don’t want to think about it so I go for ‘the uniform’.  Maybe I’m just more toward the fashion lazy than the fashion don’t?

Do you have ‘the uniform’ you know you really shouldn’t wear but you do anyway?


Author: Sara

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11 thoughts on “I Am A Fashion Don’t (Sometimes)”

  1. I think we all get stuck with what is comfortable at one point. I know I do. LOL! 😀 I would probably be a fashion wreck.

    Stopping by via Mingle Monday!

  2. They’ll take away my capris over my cold, dead body! Of course, living in Phoenix, that should probably be “hot” dead body, right? And that’s why we love the capris! They may not be as flattering as long pants or dresses, but they are WAY more flattering than most shorts!

    1. Hi Sherry and Carma,

      Thank you for stopping by and weighing in on my mom-uniform/capri pants dilemma. I know they’re not flattering, but Carma, you’re right. They’re just so darn comfortable AND practical in the summer heat!


  3. Hi Sara,

    I also default to a “uniform” most days too. It is one less thing to think about. Thanks for the reminder to take a few moments and think about what I am wearing.


  4. I am in uniform as I type. 🙂 God bless Tim Gunn! But I really think if he had to spend a day in my shoes he would amend his view of these wardrobe essentials!

    1. Hi Melinda,

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment! I’m just so torn with the capri thing. I tend to wear dresses a lot but on days that I need more pants-y clothing those darn capris look so versatile.

      I think the uniform is good, but I want to try and improve my vision of the mom-uniform.


  5. I refuse to wear capris. I used to wear them and told myself that they looked OK, but I realized that they just don’t and I don’t feel happy wearing them. I have to feel happy when I wear something, whether it’s fashionable or not. These days my uniform is a pair of jeans or khakis and a solid top. I know it’s 200 degrees in Phoenix, but an extra 3 inches of material doesn’t make that much of a difference, really. I say there comes a time in our lives where we just have to walk that line between fashion and comfort…don’t get me started on shoes!

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Thanks for weighing in on this. You’re right that we have to feel happy in what we wear. Truly that is the key to self confidence. Capri pants don’t really look OK. I just convince myself otherwise. Or pretend that no one cares anyway so why bother. But until clothing designers make shorts that are not more akin to daisy dukes, I feel like I don’t have much choice when it comes to pants. Maybe if I invested in a good fitting pair I’d feel differently. Hmmm. As for shoes, true that is an entirely different discussion.


  6. I understand where you’re coming from. I have shorts, pants, skirts, capris in my closet. Very few really fit correctly. Most aren’t really comfortable. I hate cloths shopping the most. I can’t afford expensive cloths so where does that leave me? We are real women in our forties, have had kids and want stylish cloths we can wear in our everyday lives. I don’t live in a magazine. I have to clean house everyday, I can’t wear most of what’s in those beautiful pictures cause they aren’t really living a life. I’m not skinny nor fat, young or old, but I’m short so nothing fits at the correct length. Not even petites. So what’s a girl to do…wear what will get her through the day….hopefully, we’ll stop judging ourselves against what others have on. Some days, I just stay home and wear PJ’s! Very happy! I’m very lucky…my husband would love me even with a bag over my body. He looks at my inner me…I need to do that more often.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Yes, what’s with the fact that affordable clothes aren’t always BOTH flattering AND comfortable. I need both! I try not to compare myself but it’s hard not to when seemingly everyone else looks so much more put together. I’m sure it’s not reality, but my personal filters get in the way. I too am very lucky in that my husband accepts me regardless of my fashion sense.

      Here’s to the sisterhood of the capri pants!


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