April 22, 2010

I Should Not Watch Late Night TV Alone


I stay up late. Way too late. It’s a bad habit I have not yet figured out how to break. Most nights though I hole up in front of my computer and work. But the other night was different. I sat on the couch flipping channels.

I’m not what you’d call a tv watcher. I’m more anti-tv, really. I can never find anything I want to watch on the way too many channels we get. But, then again I can’t quite figure out the remote or I’d probably watch the DVR programs CycleGuy has so kindly recorded for me. Instead, I’m left with random acts of weird shows.

When CycleGuy is around, he is keeper of the remote. And that’s fine with me. Less responsibility for dumb shows on my shoulders. I’m always tempted to stop on those music of the decades infomercials, re-runs of 3’s Company or those crazy Discovery Health shows about unsolved diseases. With CycleGuy manning the remote, there’s no chance of such foolishness.

I’ve been married to CycleGuy for almost 16 years. We’ve known each other nearly 23. Yet he is still weirded out by the fact that when those late night Solid Gold of the 1970s commercial comes on that I can sing along to every snippet of those old Anne Murray songs. And the John Denver. Ooh, and Seals & Croft too. But my musical genius isn’t what I’m talking about.

He also doesn’t understand my fascination with those As Seen On Tv items that are so tempting to purchase regardless of whether or not I need a choppy thing that will also make salsa and chicken salad in under 2-minutes. I also don’t need the Ab-Swing, Ab-Slide, Ab-Doer or anything that begins with Ab-. I’m not in the market for any of the more than 50 DVDs that promise to get me in shape. If it requires me watching a DVD, it won’t happen. I need magic, or a drill sergent at my door at 4am.

But on this night, it was a combination of my lack of remote control knowledge and my love of all things french that I landed on the channel of bad French educational shows. They were horrible. Even a bit scary. They are sent in the 1980s but the people are creepy and the voice overs are really, really bad. But I couldn’t stop watching. It was in French. And I love French! I had no idea what they were really saying because I was so distracted by the clothing and mannerisms.

It didn’t end there though. When the program was over there was a PSA about passing gas. Good thing I do know how to use the go back button on the remote so I could watch it a few times since I didn’t get it. I thought it was about farting. We need a PSA for farting in public?

Actually, the PSA was really about smoking. If you’d like to see it yourself, it’s on YouTube HERE. The ad ran in 2005 or 2006. Were we really that stupid just 4 or 5 years ago? Wait, don’t answer that. But here I am in 2010 and I wasn’t sure what the ad was about. I can’t imagine my 30-something self would have had any more insight.

Now, I know I can’t be trusted to watch late night TV because I am tempted to buy stupid stuff. And if one of those infomercials for oldies comes on, I won’t change that channel. Instead, I opt in to singing along as if it were old-school MTV. But, really, do I need to be educated with bad old ads? It’s reasons like this that I don’t watch TV all that much. I’m easily sucked in.

I’ve you have been up late or couldn’t sleep and figured you’d watch TV at 3am you know what I’m talking about. I just saw THIS infomercial and really think I should have ordered them. I was a nursing mom, I’m over 40 and … they were very persuasive.

But my battery was dying on my computer, so I was saved from my own foolishness!


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TracyC April 22, 2010 at 5:31 pm

no Sara, you really, really, really need these. 😛 I’d rather spend the money on the old school music…and a breast lift!

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