I’m Going To Boot Camp!

It’s Saturday morning! I’m so glad today is finally here! Bright and early I’m heading off to a day of boot camp.  No, not that kind of boot camp! I’m too sissified for that.  Bloggy Boot Camp!

Bloggy Boot Camp is a Social Media Conference for women (but men are invited too!) put on by Heather and Tiffany, better knows in the blogosphere as the SITSGirls.  They created a community for women bloggers to support each other.  SITS is an acronym for the Secret is in the Sauce.  Sure, it sounds a little crazy, but these women know what they are doing! It’s all about support and helping each other out. And I’m all for that kind of sisterhood!

I’m very excited to attend the Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix.  It is being held at the beautiful Xona Resort in Scottsdale.  There will be plenty of locals, and some who’ve come from other parts of Arizona as well as other states.  100 women (ok, and a few men) will gather to learn about social media, PR, how to create good content, as well as some technical aspects of running a blog.  In addition, there will be lots of chit-chat, meeting of new friends, and of course shopping.

I will also get to reconnect with a few ‘old friends’.  One of them is Melissa. I met Melissa at Blissdom, and she’s going to be there on Saturday too!  I look forward to seeing her again.

And I’m going to get to meet Sara.  Yes, someone else has my same name!  And it’s spelled the same! I’ve followed her on Twitter and can’t wait to meet her IRL (in real life, I’m so hip with the interwebs speak).

It’s going to be a long day, but tell you all about it and introduce you to some other great bloggers when I get home.

In the mean time, go out and spread kindness to the masses!


Author: Sara

Sara is a life-long dreamer, creating a list of things she wants to do "someday". Realizing there is no "someday" on the calendar she's taking the steps to make her somedays a reality. Between saving for retirement and college and paying for all the usual things, many women find that they're often putting their hopes and dreams on hold. Saving For Someday is Sara's way of encouraging women everywhere to find ways to save on the ordinary so they can do the extraordinary. Sara is also a licensed attorney and writes about legal issues affecting bloggers, content creators and online professionals. This blog is for informational purposes only. You can also find me on Google+

3 thoughts on “I’m Going To Boot Camp!”

  1. Hi Sara,

    I am so glad you had such a good day at bloggybootcamp. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I also think I need to get my little behind over to the sits girls and get myself involved.


    1. Honey,

      Oh, definitely join SITSGirls. It’s so much fun to find new blogs and meet all the neat people associated with this group.


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