July 9, 2010

Laughing Out Loud: The Sound of My Child’s Joy


BabyGirl loves watching her one show at night.  She chooses from Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, Design Squad or SciGirls. She truly loves these shows and feels connected to the kids on the shows. She has favorite kids and she goes through phases as to what is her favorite show.

As a parent, I couldn’t ask for better shows. I’m one of those ‘No TV’ kind of parents. I followed the recommendation of the pediatric association and there was no TV until BabyGirl was about 3 or so.  It didn’t bother me, because there were plenty of things to do. A few years ago, I happened across Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman and I was so excited. A reality show with young kids that was encouraging and positive.  And to say that this show had her at Hi, would not be an exaggeration. BabyGirl has loved this show since day one.

And the thing I’ve appreciated about these shows is hearing BabyGirl laugh out loud. Hearing her laugh, though, is just so wonderful.  I’m not a laugh out loud kind of person. Never have been.  Not sure if it’s something that has developed over time but rarely will you hear me make a big giant loud laugh.  But, BabyGirl loves to laugh out loud. It’s so uninhibited.

Hearing her just gives me such joy and makes me smile.  I know this is what most moms experience, but for a mom who doesn’t normally hear her own laugh, it’s just so amazing to hear her daughter’s laugh.

If you hear your child laugh out loud does it just melt your heart too? Does it completely change your mood? What are the things that make your child laugh out loud?


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