LAWsome Bloggers take over Nashville for Blissdom

Sara Hawkins Blissdom Speaker

Nashville may be known as Music City USA. But for a few days at the end of this month, country music will need to take a back seat to three LAWsome women heading to Blissdom. Sure, the women who put on the Blissdom Conference are pretty spectacular in their own right and I’m not here to take anything away from them.

However, a few weeks ago they notified Me, Charlene from Charlene Chronicles (who is a lawyer like me) and Sarah from In the Trenches of Mommyhood (who is a paralegal and despite what some lawyers say, we’re nothing without a good paralegal) that we were the Blissdom Legal Eagles (my phrase, not theirs) and I quick jumped onto email to them and began sharing my crazy sense of how the law should be fun and exciting and that we should be the panel that everyone wants to go to. And you know what? These two women didn’t laugh at me! As a matter of fact, they joined me in the LAWvely banter on Twitter about how LAWkey we are to be doing this and that we’re creating a LAWndry list of topics. Get it? Yes, lawyers (and paralegals) can be funny too!

I think Alli and Megan may be reconsidering asking us to speak. Nah, they know LAWsome when they see it, which is why they chose us! *waves to Alli and Megan*

Here we are, just a few weeks out from Blissdom and Charlene, Sarah and I (yes, even more to confuse you because I’m Sara and she’s Sarah and it makes me think of that SNL skit with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as Nuni and Nooni) are working on what is sure to be The legal panel of the new decade, or at least of the conference. We’ve got that great video Charlene created, there will be props and possibly costumes and music! We’re in Music City, we’ve got to have music!

So watch the short LAWsome Blissdom Panel video (about 2 minutes) and get ready to get your LAW on at Blissdom.  If you’re not going to Blissdom, don’t worry because we’ll make sure you get all the info too when the conference is over! If you’re going to Blissdom, I’ll see you at 4pm on Thursday the 27th!

And whether you’re going to Blissdom or not, be sure to follow us on Twitter, as well as the #Blissdom hashtag to keep up on all the conference information.

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Author: Sara

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3 thoughts on “LAWsome Bloggers take over Nashville for Blissdom”

  1. I’m looking forward to your panel. Will you be soliciting questions ahead of time?

    Have to come back later to watch the video when no one is sleeping nearby. but next week’s Property Sluts episode was done on xtranormal. #teaser

    1. Hello Kim,

      Yes, we will be soliciting questions ahead of the panel. Please watch the #Blissdom hashtag for our survey next week.


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