Mamavation Monday: Getting Started With Healthy Living


You’ve heard of motivation, but what’s this Mamavation? It’s like motivation only your best girlfriends are supporting you and encouraging you to make better choice toward living more healthfully. It’s like Richard Simmons without the short shorts and ‘fro. It’s our opportunity to cheer each other on!

My friend Heather kicked off 2011 with the decision to give up her beloved Sunkist Orange soda and drink more water. I support that! I’m not a soda drinker but I know how much people love their soda. I drink water all the time. So does BabyGirl. And it was just natural to welcome Heather to the water-drinkers club.

In January I met Leah, the beauty, brains and brawn behind Mamavation. She knows the importance of having a community of people supporting your choices to give up habits that are not working to improve your health. Leah started Mamavation to give moms a safe place to share and go to for encouragement as they begin the journey to a more healthy lifestyle.

I’m joining in because I support Heather. And I know that going it alone is hard. Not that Heather is alone, though. Her husband is joining in as are many other friends both in her daily and online life. I’d like you to join in too if you’ve been thinking that you need a little extra boost. Whether it’s losing the weight that’s found its way back, making better food choices, adding in daily exercise, something else or all of the above it’s a community of women supporting women!

I’m not pledging the Mamavation sisterhood this time. I want to support Heather and encourage others to join me as together we welcome Spring by adding some spring in our steps. My downfall is exercise. I don’t do it. But I’m motivated to add something new each day not only for me but to add a PE segment to BabyGirl’s daily routine as well.

Today’s prompt in the Mamavation community is about snacks. Are you a sweet or salty snacker? Knowing this will give you a little more power over just going to the panty or fridge and grabbing whatever is there. If you want something sweet then find something sweet that is a better alternative to the gallon of ice cream you really want to devour. A small piece of really good chocolate, a piece of gum or a ripe mango. Mindful eating.

Same with salty. Rather than the entire bag of chips, get a handfull of nuts. Or spread peanut or nut butter on celery or an apple. Hummus is great too for that salty kick.

I’m usually a sweet snacker, which is why I don’t keep them in the house. There are times I think the cookies are knocking on the door and talking sweet sweet chocolate love to me. And it’s so powerful that I don’t even buy them. And when I bake I try to make things a bit healthier, or at least I know exactly what is in them so I can make informed choices.

Do you need some Mamavation? I sure do. Join in! Let me know and we’ll do this together. You don’t have to tell me numbers or anything you don’t want to share. Just know you’ve got the Mamavation!

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook and want to support Heather, check our her Mamavation Monday about taking baby steps to healthier living.

My goal this week is to exercise at least 3 times. What’s yours?


Author: Sara

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5 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Getting Started With Healthy Living”

  1. Thanks so much for your support in all this! It’s how I’ll be successful.

    BTW, you can pledge to the sistahood and get lots of support on your own journey, even without applying to be a Mamavation Mom. It’s like a healthy living sorority. 😉

  2. Welcome to Mamavation Monday. Sounds like you have a great goal for the week, and I am curious what your favorite exercise is? We all have something we love here.

    I was raised in the water drinking club and I am continuing it with my kiddos also. Lots of great ways to spruce it up, citrus slices, herbs, veggie slices, but it is always a great habit to have. Keep it up!

    Glad you stopped by. Hope you can do it again. Have a great week!

    1. Andrea,

      Thank you for visiting. My favorite exercise? I don’t think I have one. I’ve never been an exercise person. I liked yoga when I tried it though. I can do most any exercise. I used to wake up at 4am and go to the gym with hubby. I just need to get back into a routine. Mamavation will help me, I’m sure of that.

      I love that – water drinking club. Cool cucumber water in the summer is so refreshing. Ahhhh!


  3. My goal this week, and for a bit – is to finish what I started and complete the P90X videos. I have been doing them for 3 weeks now, and am starting to see results. I love that there are 12 different videos to choose from, so I don’t get bored. I also love that they tell me which video to do each day, so I don’t have to make too many tough choices. There’s an awesome app for my iPhone so I can track my progress, too!

    Jillian Michaels had a great video called the 30 day Shred. If you “tone it down” a little, it can be great for beginners. Use light weights, and don’t give it your all at first, but it’s a short 20 minute workout that you change every 10 days. You can usually grab it at Target or Amazon for about $10.

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