July 11, 2011

Mamavation Monday: Going Out Can Be A Drag


Raja in Phoenix photo (c) Sara Hawkins [ARR]Raja (@sutanamrull) in Phoenix

What to do when it’s girl’s night out and you’re going to a Mexican restaurant and out to a live drag show at a club? Get it? Going out can be a drag? Yah, and I don’t drink! I really had to be on my Mamavation A-game! But considering I don’t drink when I go out to events like this at least I didn’t need to try and manage those calories.

But going to a Mexican restaurant is always difficult for me. I had been to the restaurant before, but it was for a charity drag show. Which was actually fitting since we were going out to a drag show and meet and greet. I hadn’t ever seen the menu but was a pleasant surprise to find great healthful options. It was a bit overwhelming at first though because the menu is extensive and typical of the fried and fat-laden options at a Mexican restaurant. Luckily I found a salad and ordered soup.

The weird part of all this is that we had dinner at 4pm because we needed to get to the venue for the meet and greet by 6pm. It wasn’t a rush at all but eating so early messed up my schedule. There was no food at the show, which was probably a good thing because I would have ended up nibbling mindlessly. Instead I must have downed about 4 glasses of water.

The show was amazing and all the queens were fabulous. It makes me realize how little I really do to get ready. Seriously, if a guy can put on that much makeup and shimmy into stocking and sky-high heels the least I should be able to do daily is put on some foundation and blush.

The evening was a ton of fun. I knew it might be a challenge to find something that would make me feel full but it was nice to see great options on the menu. I probably should have packed some snacks in my purse because I was starting to feel hungry. Luckily the show was non-stop entertainment. And the performers were gorgeous.

Going out for me isn’t usually a problem but I tend to go to the same places. I just need to become more confident that I can still make good food choices no matter where I am. I’ve got the mamavation!




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