Mamavation Monday: Lunch at Epcot

As I mentioned last week, meal planning for Disney World can take a lot of the worry out of what to eat. When you’re looking for something quick so you can get back to the rides and attractions, often it’s easy to find a place that serves burgers. One advantage of planning ahead is knowing what park I was going to be at so I can figure out where we’d eat lunch. BabyGirl had a chemistry class at Epcot so I knew we’d get lunch when she was done.

One of my favorite places in Future World at Epcot is Sunshine Seasons because the focus is on using local ingredients. It’s not all local and natural but one of the new offerings for lunch is this beautiful beet salad. As a lover of beets, I was so excited! The field greens are lightly dressed with a light orange vinaigrette. It was so light that there was no sign of dressing on the plate. And the goat cheese was just the right amount to add something creamy and tangy to the sweet beets and crispy greens.

So it is possible to have a tasty lunch that won’t break your calorie bank! It does take some planning, but like going anywhere new it’s just a little extra time. I had to think outside the box a bit for my lunch and be willing to look at all the options. And because the online menus are not updated since Disney changes things up periodically, I had to take time to check out everything at this restaurant before settling on my lunch. But, just like trying something new at home a little investment of time can pay off big dividends.

Don’t fear vacation dining! Know your limits and be willing to be flexible and you’ll find success too!



Author: Sara

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    1. Katrina, you should definitely retry beets. They are so delicious! If you’re near a Trader Joes they carry them pre-cooked which makes it very easy to use them.


  1. Not a beet fan, but definitely a Disney fan – and you are right with planning it is possible to be healthy even on vacation!

    1. Becky, even if the beets are shaped like a hidden Mickey? OK, well, there are other options so you can stay on track even while enjoying the magic of Disney! ºoº

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