August 22, 2011

Mamavation Monday: The Uphill Climb


Grand Canyon © iofoto -

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon or Waimea Canyon you get a sense of looking down and being drawn down the path. So you start walking. It’s easy. No major stress. The switchbacks keep the path almost flat.

And then you get to the bottom and take in the beauty of what, at the top, seemed so small. The plants and animals that were nearly invisible. The stream that rushes by that looked like a small trickle of water.

We’ve make it down into the canyon and at once we turn around and realize we must now climb UP the mountain to get out. We walked DOWN the mountain, not realizing we were already at the top. Now we must take the most challenging aspect of our outing. After having expended our energy to get down the mountain we now need to take ourselves back up.

There are no options. We must put our body to the ultimate test when it is least able. How do we get back to the summit of what just seems like the everyday path?

The problem is that we look up to the top of what we now realize is actually a mountain and start to wonder how do we climb it. When we’re standing at the bottom of a mountain, the only way to the top is one step at a time. The same goes for conquering our own personal mountains. And having met people who’ve scaled Mt. Everest I know that they didn’t do it alone. There was a team of people. And sometimes they were tethered together to ensure everyone was supported.

That’s how we should conquer our weight loss and healthy lifestyle transition. For me it’s an arduous uphill climb. I look up and I can’t even see the summit. I look down and see that I have come a long way. But it is so much easier to just turn around and head back down. Not only will I not have to exert much energy but I’ll be on a path of familiarity. And it will definitely be more comfortable than hiking uphill.

I think back to standing on the rim at the Grand Canyon and looking down, afraid of what was below. Yet I started the walk down. As I got further away from the rim I’d look back and never question my ability to return. So why do I now look down at the scale and question my ability to climb back out of this canyon?

Have you ever felt that you face an uphill climb? How did you conquer your mountain?

image Credit © iofoto –


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Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot August 22, 2011 at 10:13 pm

Hi Sara,

Love this post and the picture. I want to go there!

Great you mentioned Everest. In a sense we can only do things alone but it’s so much easier if you have a team of supporters and more fun to do it with a group. Or at least one other person!

I rely on so many people to help me get up and down that mountain every day.

So impressed you spoke at BlogHer – that’s PHENOMENAL – you’re a Problogger now:)

xoxo A

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