Mamavation Monday – You Are What You Eat

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A few years ago when I was following Weight Watchers I had to keep track of my points. I was diligent of tracking my points and how much water I would drink. Then I hit my goal weight, kept tracking for a few months and then figured I had it down. And stopped tracking what I ate.

I figured that I could manage what I ate. In my head. Sure, along with the eight-two billion other things I’m keeping track of in there too. I figured if I missed one or two things it wouldn’t really be a big deal.

Except it wasn’t just one or two things. It started out forgetting to measure my cereal. Then it was not remembering if I had one piece of cheese or two on my sandwich. And not measuring condiments. Talk about a snowball effect.

A few months ago CycleGuy downloaded the Livestrong Daily Plate app to track his calories. It costs $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and is available for both iPhone and iPad. He’s showed me how it works and that it has restaurants pre-loaded in it to quickly update it even when you go out.

I’ve hesitated downloading it. I kept telling myself I didn’t need it because I was tracking everything in my head. Right! Then I would skip lunch. I’d forget to have breakfast. I’d grab and go. Often not really paying attention to what I was eating.

I registered at Livestrong for the My Plate online tracking. The online web-based tracking is free. The app costs $2.99, although I think it should be free because it’s just a mobile version of the same thing. Then again it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of seriously paying attention to what I eat. Yep, some things are easy to justify. (kinda like having that second cookie because no one is looking)

I’m interested to see what I really eat. I have an idea but because Weight Watchers was points-based and this is calorie based, I don’t really have any clue about how many calories I consume. The other thing I like is that the My Plate shows the fat, protein and sodium intake as well. While I don’t really have to watch them with any sort of vigilence, I’d like to have an idea of the fat, sodium and protein I eat. I know some days I eat a lot of protein, which isn’t really good.

So, next step is to actually log what I eat. This should be interesting! If you’re wondering what you’re really eating and how it adds up, sign up for the free version of My Plate and put that adage ‘You Are What You Eat’ to the test.


Author: Sara

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5 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday – You Are What You Eat”

  1. Food journaling isn’t easy. It’s time consuming, it’s a pain. But it is so worth it! It keeps you accountable and on track. Good for you for getting back to it. You’ll quickly learn calories, etc, just remember to be honest with yourself!!

  2. Logging what you eat is a great start! It isn’t something I do as I have been focusing on other areas but it is a next step I am considering! keep it up to see results!

  3. I lost 25 lbs by keeping track of what I ate and watching my protein and carb levels. I used the Calorie Counter app for the iPad, which was free and tracks fat, carbs, protein and calories and has most restaurants and foods listed, even Trader Joe’s. Good luck, it’s a real pain to keep track of every morsel but as Heather said, it’s worth it!

  4. Thank you all for your support! I know that tracking is good. One benefit is that maybe I won’t eat something b/c I’m too lazy to write it down. Ha ha ha!

  5. Good luck with this app and online tracking. I am curious to see if you think measuring points or calories are more beneficial.

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