My Journey to Become a Photographer

Blissdom Photography Workshop
Trying my hand at manual setting on my camera

Today, February 1st, I begin my journey to become a photographer. No, not a professional one. Just a girl with a camera who can take a decent photo. My friend Kate and I are doing the 365 Project. It’s where you take one photo every day for a year. The premise is not only to document your life but also improve as a photographer. Kate is already a fabulous photographer. She’s a bit like a mentor to me with this project. But really, you should check out her blog because her photos are that terrific!

I have a fancy new dSLR camera, and a beautiful black and white toile with felt rosettes camera strap (don’t worry, I’ll figure out how to photograph it!). Now, to start taking photos. At the Blissdom conference I took the Photography Workshop and learned a great deal about my camera. Enough that I was able to take a few nice photos. I have a year to figure out how it all works and what all these buttons and acronyms and letters mean.

I hope you enjoy my photos. I’ll be looking for neat things to photograph too. I promise I’ll find other things besides martini glasses with candy in them!

If you have a camera at home, join in! You don’t have to have a blog. Just a camera and a desire to photograph at least one thing every day for a year. You’re welcome to email them to me and I’ll post it (with your permission, of course).

Wish me luck!


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