August 6, 2010

My Year of Awesome – 1st Quarter Update


Well, I’ve been remiss in keeping you up to date with my Year of Awesome project. Partly because it’s been so, well, Awesome. And partly because sometimes it’s not and I’m stressed out and forget to look for those silver-lined clouds.

Here we are, 3 months in to my Year of Awesome and for the most part it’s been more than I could have imagined. I type this as I fly to New York City to attend the BlogHer Conference where I’m going to meet real life friends and online friends for a weekend of learning more about blogging and brand relationships.

But, lets go back to May when it all started. And turning 41. Not all that eventful or even a milestone, but I wanted to make this birthday year about me and things that relate to me. And my family is a big part of me, so my awesome-experiences extend to BabyGirl and CycleGuy too.

Shortly after getting my Year of Awesome underway, I was approached by Hollee Temple to guest post about my Year of Awesome on the blog she does with Becky about work/life balance. And while asking to guest post is very flattering, I was fan-girl extatic! You see, Becky & Hollee write the Work/Life Balance column for the American Bar Association Journal, and I’ve been reading their stuff for quite some time. They’re HUGE! And they wanted me to guest post! Talk about Year of Awesome!

Now I get to hang out in NYC at BlogHer with 2,500 of my bloggy friends, many of whom I’ve admired for quite some time. But it’s not just about me being a stalker, uh, I mean fan-girl, yes, fan-girl. I get an opportunity to learn from the best and brightest about blogging, writing, photography (I can definitely use some help here!), authenticity and branding. Even more exciting is that I get to be on a radio show with several of the ladies I team up with to bring you frugal living tips and deals. Me! On the radio!

OK, so it’s not like we’ll be on Howard Stern or anything like that. It’s an online radio show called Diva Toolbox Radio and the segment is called “Savings in the City”. Cute huh? I’ll post the segment if I can.

My Year of Awesome continues. Some days I lose sight of the small bits of awesome that surround me. I’m often looking for these giant, in-your-face kind of moments. Really, though, it’s kind of like the math philosophy where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. For me, that means that each small experience of Awesome is equally deserving of my attention and appreciation as the big ones.

I’m eager to see what the 2nd quarter of My Year of Awesome will be like.

Take this trip with me. Have your own Year of Awesome! It’s not all about happenstance and luck. We can just as easily create Awesome as wait for it to fall in our lap. How will you create something Awesome for yourself this weekend?



Shelly @ Coupon Teacher August 6, 2010 at 6:23 am

That is how I like to look at life. Sure there are bad times sometimes, but if you are constantly looking for the awesome times, they happen a lot more often!

Valerie D August 6, 2010 at 10:13 am

Awesome! It keeps getting better for you and I’m so glad!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang August 8, 2010 at 9:36 pm

Dear Sara, I am so happy for you! Rock on with your awesomeness!

Kim P. August 9, 2010 at 8:01 pm

I too am very happy for you. You’ll have to share your NYC experience with me; I have never been.

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