December 8, 2016

Your Stuff Is Worth a Mint, Keep Track of it With Mynt Bluetooth Tracker


Bluetooth Tracking Device

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Slightech and includes affiliate links. If you purchase using my affiliate link I will earn a small commission.

One of the great things about tech is how it can help us in our daily lives. Bluetooth trackers are one of those small things that can make a big difference. Especially if you spend time looking for things like your keys, your phone, where you parked your car, your kid’s jacket, or even a purse or backpack.

There is so much stuff that we need to keep track of, it’s no wonder we walk out of the house without things. I’ve been a fan of bluetooth tracking devices since I first found them on crowdfunding sites a few years ago. Most though, are utilitarian and the size and design aesthetic is much more industrial than I’d like sometimes.

Recently, I was contacted by Slightech, the maker of the Mynt bluetooth tracker and offered one to tech drive. Because I’m a tech junkie and I was heading out of town for about 3 weeks I felt it would be a great time to check it out in comparison to the other trackers I use.

I’ll jump to the recommendation first and just say, GET ONE! Well, get more than one. While I like the others I have, the Mynt is nicer looking and doesn’t scream “I’m a tracker!”. For about 20 bucks you have such peace of mind of knowing where your stuff is at.

Mynt bills itself as a more than just a tracker. It’s an anti-loss device with finder capabilities, but it can also work as a remote for your smartphone camera shutter or as a “clicker” for music on your smartphone or, how cool is this, a remote for slide presentations on your Mac. And while the tracking is what I was focused on, it’s kind of nice that it’s capable of more than just that one thing.

The top things I liked about the Mynt bluetooth tracker that has me recommending this device:

  • Mynt BatteryReplaceable battery – seems like a little thing, but it’s nice to have that flexibility if you’re attaching it to your child’s lovey, tucking it into your luggage, or storing it in your car’s glove box. It’s an environmentally friendly aspect of this tracking device that doesn’t exist in others.
  • Size and design – it’s very flat  and is a smooth oval shape.  While I love my Tile Slim, which is flatter than the Mynt, the overall size moves the Mynt to my top choice. The design is well thought out too. It has the option of attaching to a key ring or other more permanent connector, you can stick it on with (provided) sticky dots, or you can use the low profile easy-attach string to keep the bulkiness to a minimum.
  • Color options – this is more of a preference and has nothing to do with functionality, but it’s nice to have choices. The blue device that I have is a very cool slate-like dark blue. When I show it to people I get lots of compliments on the color. If you want a color that will be more noticeable, you can get the gold one. If all  your tech is silver, grab a matching Mynt.
  • Alerts – if you’ve ever walked out of a movie or restaurant or dressing room at a store and a few minutes later realized you didn’t have your phone, you know that panic feeling that comes over you. But imagine being able to attach one to your child’s favorite toy or blanket so it’s not left on the plane. Or your keys. Replacing car or house keys is expensive! Being notified when you are separated from your tracker can keep the panic to a minimum and allow you to recover your valuables quickly. Almost a year ago my car key fell out of my purse on a flight and I didn’t realize it until I returned home and couldn’t get into my car. What I wouldn’t do to go back and attach a Mynt on my key fob. (In case you’re wondering, replacing electronic key fobs is expensive. Like designer shoes expensive!)

So, you need a bunch of these, right? I thought so! Because so do I. Recently BabyGirl was trying on dresses for her recital and left her phone on the bench in the little room. Luckily it was a week day at a smaller store and the associate cleared out the room and found the phone while we were still in the store. As a teen, I’m sure it was only a matter of seconds before BabyGirl noticed her phone was not on her. But had it not worked out so well, having the ability to check the Mynt app to find the phone would have kept the stress in check.

Mynt locatorIt was my Mynt that eased my mind when I nearly missed my connection because of a delayed flight. I was able to log into the app when we landed to see my bags were in DC at the airport, too. YAY! It was also Mynt that allowed me to keep an eye on my bags that arrived hours before me because I took a voluntary detour on a recent trip home from Washington.

While I got my Mynt bluetooth tracker free to facilitate my tech drive, I’ve since purchased them to give to a few people. These little gems have a great design and are great for people who travel with musical instruments, to toss into your suitcase like I did, to attach to your backpack or handbag (I do this!), or to anything you don’t want to worry about losing (even kids or grandma! Grandma would not have gotten run over by a reindeer if she had one of these!).

Works on Android, iOS, and Mac OSX desktop, and cost about $20. Available from the Sleightech store or on Amazon. Perfect for gift giving any time!

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Michelle December 12, 2016 at 9:24 am

My son needs this so bad.


Connie McLeod December 12, 2016 at 11:48 am

What a great product. I can think of several who need this for Christmas!


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