January 3, 2011

New Year Meme: 9 Questions


Dinner at Maggiano's with NO BREAD

Today I’m linking up with two wonderful women, one whom I know IRL and one I only know online. Both of whom I consider my friend. You’ve heard of Mingle Monday, because most Mondays I’m linked up to Robin at Add a Pinch to share and meet new people and read great blogs we might not find on our own.  Today I’m also linking up to Jessica’s ‘A New Year Moment’ at It’s my Life.

Jessica started a meme (pronounce “meeeem’) with a few questions to reflect on 2010 and kick start 2011. Yes, I know I reflected on 2010 and gave thought to what 2011 will hold using the phrase from the popular Rent song ‘Seasons of Love’ – How Do You Measure A Year. But I adore Jessica, just had dinner with her and a few other great friends (all of whom you should consider following on Twitter – CountessMo, GraceDuffy, CarrieActually, and Kikarose), and thought maybe these questions would also help you get to know me better and help you think about 2010 differently than you may have.

The photo at the top is from dinner last night at Maggiano’s where, if you can imagine, they were out of bread, tiramisu, chicken something-a-rather, and we got the last order of gnocci and crème brûlée. We toasted to a Year of Awesome for all of us!

So, without further adieu, the questions:

Can you sum up your personal 2010 in just one word?

Best thing you ate in 2010?
Can’t answer this. While I enjoyed many wonderful foods, I try not to focus on food. That’s a personal thing that goes back to weight issues. Oh, the hang-ups!

What do you feel you wasted time on last year?
I wasted time thinking about and caring about what other people thought of me, my blogging, my personal life, my business, my successes and my failures.

One regret from the past year?
I regret holding on to and giving other people control over how I feel.

What do you wish you’d spent more time doing in 2010?
I wish I spent more time just being mom to BabyGirl and not also wearing the ‘teacher’ hat. Homeschooling is sometimes like working from home, there are times when you feel you can’t turn it off.

What’s one thing from 2010 you hope not to relive ever again?
Anxiety/panic attacks. These take my breath away, not in a good way. If they’re happening to you, please get help.

What one accomplishment from 2010 are you proud of?
One? Just one? I’ve done so many things that make me proud but the one most important thing is that I finally recognized that I stood up for me and my family and that it wasn’t a bad thing.

What one dream do you hope to realize in 2011?
It’s a work on progress, all my Somedays. I want to live bigger and bolder than I’ve ever lived before.

What one extravagance do you want to experience in 2011?
I hope this year we get to take the trip to Europe we were going to take in 2009. I want BabyGirl to know that the world is so much bigger than we see, we study and read about. I want to walk with my family among ancient ruins and modern structures. Meet people who are like me and are different. Hear a language that is unlike mine but experience the universality of what it means to be passionate for life.

Now, go check out what Robin has at Mingle Monday and see the others who’ve linked up to Jessica’s New Year Moment Meme.



Laura (@chambanalaura) January 3, 2011 at 2:42 pm

I hope you get to Europe too! Great meme!

Vdemetros January 3, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I love this, I think I’ll do this on my blog. I love the questions. That looks like a lovely group of strong women, not surprising with you in it! Btw, one of my goals is to get us to Europe this year, too. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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