Oh The Places We (Can) Go …

Piazza Navona

Since I was a child, I knew it was possible for me to go anywhere in the world. My grandparents travelled abroad quite often, staying for 3 or more weeks on each trip. And despite my mom not being about to fund trips for our little family, knowing that one day I, too, could save up enough money to travel drove me to be fiscally conservative.

Then I became old enough to travel and the world was changing. I went to Israel in the early 1980s, to live on a kibbutz. My first several days were spent in a bomb shelter. That leaves quite an impression. But then I also went to Lebanon and had pizza and shopped and met Lebanese teens who were a lot more like me than I thought they’d be. Conflict in the Middle East is the norm, still, as it has been for thousands of years.

College came along and the money went to pay tuition and books. Maybe a few movies and dinners out. But travel was limited to places I could go with friends who had a car. And it was fun, but it wasn’t what I had imagined. I wanted to travel. Go places. As in places far away and filled with people who didn’t speak my same language.

Today, despite the conflicts that exist all over the world, travel is so much easier. And cheaper. Sure, trips can be expensive but there are so many opportunities to go places both near and far.

Spanish Steps in Rome

I love seeing my friends post check-ins and photos of all the places they go. Some go to the same place year after year (Guilty!, but BabyGirl loves Disney!). Others are constantly checking out new cities, visiting friends, discovering gems and sharing them. With social networks it’s easy to be an armchair traveller.

Recently, I was talking with a few friends online and the subject turned to summer travel. Some had big plans to take their kids abroad while others were planning on a road trip to see family. There was excitement about what they’ll see and do and the fun their kids will have. Even my friends who are grandparents and travelled with their grandkids focused on if the kids would enjoy the trip.

Forum in Rome

I have to admit that BabyGirl has a big say in where we go, which is why Disney is often our destination. But that doesn’t mean we don’t go other place or consider them for future trips. BabyGirl actually has a list of places she wants to go.The list is quite diverse and very global, and that is fine by me. ย And though Italy wasn’t on her list, our trip to Italy is definitely one of the highlights of her young life.

Vatican Museum

So while I joke with CycleGuy about going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights in October, he knows there is a seriousness to my suggestion. And when I talk about going to China he no longer looks at me like I’m nuts. Well, at least not about travel anyway.

The list of places we can go is only limited by our desire to make those trips happen. We may need to make sacrifices or make different choices. But we’re less constrained by options and possibilities than we are by other choices we make. I know we all don’t have a pot of gold we found at the end of the last rainbow we saw. But I know that if you want something bad enough you’ll figure out a way to do it.

Were do you want to go?


Author: Sara

Sara is a life-long dreamer, creating a list of things she wants to do "someday". Realizing there is no "someday" on the calendar she's taking the steps to make her somedays a reality. Between saving for retirement and college and paying for all the usual things, many women find that they're often putting their hopes and dreams on hold. Saving For Someday is Sara's way of encouraging women everywhere to find ways to save on the ordinary so they can do the extraordinary. Sara is also a licensed attorney and writes about legal issues affecting bloggers, content creators and online professionals. This blog is for informational purposes only. You can also find me on Google+

5 thoughts on “Oh The Places We (Can) Go …”

  1. Wow! Those are some beautiful pics and baby girl is beautiful as always! I want to go to England but I am not sure where. As long as they have french fry sandwiches, I think I will survive.

  2. Besides traveling to see you, CycleGuy and BabyGirl, I want to cruise more of the Caribbean-both with the kids and without—a just husband and wife trip.
    Without these dreams, what do we have?

  3. I want to travel with you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these pictures from your trip! We enjoy traveling – and the kids do too!

  4. Beautiful photos, Sara!

    Next on our travel list is Ireland. Sleeping in a castle is definitely a bucket list item.

    My kids are much older but still love Disney combined with The Wizardly World of Harry Potter.

    1. Peg, I hear Ireland is just spectacular. And sleeping in a castle is so much more doable these days. I hope you get there soon! We’ve yet to experience The Wizardly World of Harry Potter, but it’s on the list now that BabyGirl has all but memorized the entire series.

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